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Front Loading Question -


So from a couple other boards i checked out, a lot of those guys are saying 2-3 weeks TOPS to start feeling their test kick....

took 750mg test e on day 1, then 250mg 3.5 days later and continued 250mg every 3.5 days until now.

today is day 25 and still not much increase in strength, libido, aggression etc.

i'm 99% sure my gear is real but i just wanted to ask when you guys start to feel your gear/begin seeing results?


Without front load I noticed the kick in at around week 5. With front load it's around 4. Not exactly a dramatic reduction imo.

Wait another week. A kick in does not mean you'll start lifting twice your weights than the day before. I my experience I noticed my normal weights going easier.

Ps: do you have an AI running? Without AI (e.g. Arimidex) my libido is non existent even on a high dosage of Test. When I take 0,25/0,50mg EOD my libido is top!


4 instead of 5 huh?

now that i've been reading some other boards they say they feel it kick in (libido/strength) by week 2 BUT they also front load the first TWO weeks - 1 gram each then drop to 500...

yeah i've been taking 0.25mg adex EOD since my first injection.... maybe it's too much for me? knocking down E2 too low


Yeah, I read about a higher dose during the first 2 weeks as well, but I followed the front loading technique I learned from this forum.

About the Adex, it could be possible you are responding strongly. Do you still have morning wood? If not, try to do a 0,25 E3D and see what that gives.


How about a blood test, then you don't have to guess whether or not you're putting salad oil in your body?


yeah, morning wood is pretty consistent i think although i never make note to check when i wake up...

boners during the night are pretty constant though


yeah, that would be the easiest thing to do but if i could save the money i'd really perfer to as im on a pretty tight budget at the moment


I normally have dry skin, when my skin becomes oily and I start slightly breaking out, I wake up with a decent semi and I am walking around looking at females I wouldnt usually is when I know my test is working.

a couple weeks in I start to "feel better" I notice in my arms first the skin tends to feel a bit more tight,not like I have a pump but you can tell they are growing and retaining more fluids.

its hard to tell when you first start out,and its hard to explain but after you know your body and how you react to different stimuli you can just tell whats going on without a blood test.

I dial back the AI when my wood dosent last as long and my joints start to feel a little dry
everyone is different and the feeling is very subtle at times
this timing of when you are "supposed" to feel different compounds are just a guideline based on half lives of these drugs.
truth is you may never really "feel" anything it just all depends and you need to trust your source if you dont tehn move on.
theres so many variables on why you may or may not see results as well so its hard to say


ok thanks for that... the only reason i brought this up is becuse last time i tried a cycle i didnt feel anything after 8 weeks so i got blood work done and it was right in the middle of the normal range so im just skeptical of everything now lol

i do trust my source though. there are a lot of guys in the T-Cell who have accounts at a different, more drug oriented, forum where i found this sponsor (PM)... that waylander guy in particular.


this is kind of touchy subject.
it could still be faked even if you and everyone else in your scene trust the person.
there are some sources that start off legit and send the right stuff and sometimes overdose the stuff to gain peoples trust,then out of nowhere they selectively scam people and ship out plain oil right before they close up shop.
or sometimes everyone has bad batches it may have been way underdosed.
you never know without lab testing and blood work if you really get what you ask for,unless you brew it yourself that is.

all in all its par for the course and all we have is our reputations to go off of.