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Front Loading Eq with Winny and Test? Cut or Recomp

Hello all. I’m new to forums.
Short intro
I’ve been Dedicated to the gym for 6 years now, 3 years on gear. Been active in sports as a kid and lifting in my late teens through my 20’s. Been smoking weed and drinking since high school years. Lost a couple years to speed and got locked up more then a couple times. I got my shit together around 25. I’m 36 now 5’7 at 185lbs and naturally around 17% bf no matter what I eat or drink. From So Cal.
Deca and test first 2 cycles with moderate pct with temoxofin and test boosters… TrenE pct then tren with winny to finish Bridge with lgd and s4 during a pct. Yeah I know that probably killed my pct. Deca and Hgh, pct with Hcg this time. Winny then Eq and now finishing pct with Hcg and temoxofin with test boosters and herbs… I left some stuff out but yeah that’s around where I’m at…

OK… So I want to front load some Eq with winny and testE…
Goal. Recomp or cut look. Looking for opinions some shit talking and truth…My goal is to cut or get that really lean recomp look.
Thanks and respect to the greats.

It… Seems… As if you’re potentially replacing drug addiction with anabolic steroids… Which I’d say is better, but still unhealthy.

That’s just how I’m seeing this

How often do you smoke weed and drink to intoxication?

If you’re frequently getting drunk… That’s probably why you can’t lose bf% haha. Alcohol is extremely dense (calorically) and reduces protein synthesis among a host of other toxic effects. I’m not against drinking to excess, or smoking marijuana so long as it isn’t done frequently (or even intermittently). I do view getting smashed as more unhealthy than smoking a joint though (depending on individual predisposition to psychosis/ other negative effects marijuana can cause. Marijuana isn’t entirely harmless, though I don’t believe it’s as bad as alcohol per se.)

If you’ve extensively dabbled with amphetamines it might be wise to get a cardiac checkup to make sure you haven’t already sustained significant damage.

Using tren, winny and lgd during PCT is a terrible idea and certainly made that PCT defunct.

185 lbs for 5’7 is pretty rad tho, so congrats on that.

You’ve basically been permablasting. That’s really unhealthy for someone, especially when you have a history of abusing other substances. Based on what you’ve said there never was a real pct in there. So the reality is that you’re likely looking at trt some time in your future.

But the biggest issue is this: you’ve done a shitload of drugs and you have pretty much the same size and composition as I do. That’s not great. I’m only on trt and have added 40lbs over 26 months. So you’ve done a lot of damage to your body and you don’t have much to show for it. I’m not trying to be hurtful, but let’s agree to live with reality on reality’s terms. You’re a recovering addict who’s traded one vice for another. That addict mentality of doing more has obviously translated to gear. You should go to a meeting and lay out what you’re doing and see if anyone there thinks this is good for you.

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To answer your question

Winny is a great drug for giving a real lean look but this will only happen if you closer to 10% body fat. You will still have great benefits from using winny where you stand now but it doesnt judt magically shred you from 17% down to a cut look in 4-8 weeks.

So your mission is recomp/cut. In which case another tren cycle would probably be best. When you ran tren before were you trying to cut? If so you need to figure out why you didnt and fix that. The reason i say tren is you have used it before so you know if you cam handle it well. And it is probably the best steroid for recomps.

Stop doing these bullshit PCTs either cruise or pct pick one. It sounds like your going to keep running more cycles so my opinion is you need to start cruising in between blast.

Oh and you dont front load winny and you generally use it at the end of a cycle.

@unreal24278 thanks for the reply. I’m more of a midnight toker if anything. I don’t seem to enjoy weed as much as I used to as I’m not as social when hi. I do pound a bunch of beer on the weekend with friends or bbqing… I was able to cut down to 14% on tren cycke finishing with winny but did not stay disciplined and gained it back.

Yeah I’ve noticed this last year or 2 I have not brought in any spectacular results. Just a lil more full or lean no look with some strength gainz. No big physical changes. People still seem to notice and give compliments but very week gains compared to my first few cycles… What kinda meeting are you referring to…

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of running Tren again. I just thought front loading some Eq with a strict diet then finishing with winny would be less intense on sides effects with descent results… Yeah I’ve messed up my pct a few times trying to bridge with sarms as I heard there was no shutdown when first looking into them.

That all depends on how your sides were when you last ran tren.

I personally wouldn’t use Eq for a cutting cycle. Finishing up with winny is good but don’t expect the shrink wrap look unless your 10% or less body fat.

My honest opinion is you need to figure out your diet and training before using anymore gear because as you said something isn’t working right now. Get your discipline down first.

Then once you do that it might be a good idea to just ease back in with a test cycle and if you want add some winny or var at the end. Proper diet and training can yield great results on this

NA, AA, wherever you go to meet with other recovering addicts.

Thanks for your concern bro if you are, but I’m happy doing what I do and know what is effecting my quality of life and what isn’t.

I hear you. Thanks for the opinion.

As long as you’re taking care of yourself, man. If you say it’s working then I believe you. (And yes, it is genuine concern) But we look out for people here. Doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, or what you’ve done. This place is about harm reduction and helping guys achieve their goals. Best of luck to you.


I read the OP and not much of the responses.

Right off the bat, and this is something I realized/learned after I adjusted this myself. Your liver can only process fat OR alcohol not both not at the same time, and it takes a while after putting alcohol through it for it to be able to process fat again. I am not sure on the window of how long after alcohol your liver can start processing fat but I would presume the older we get the longer it takes to switch back to fat processing. That doesn’t even touch on how long the calories take to burn off. Basically if you really want to make a diet or cut work then abstain from alcohol. You don’t have to quit for ever but if you want to make real process then don’t drink for those weeks you are hitting it.

I would also assume that the harsh orals also impeade our livers ability to process fat.

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Thanks. That’s why I came to the forum. You guys tell it how it is.

Thanks for the info. I definitely notice more result when I don’t drink on the weekend… I usually respond very well to new diets and abstinence of alchohol. The weekends are what have been putting me in a rut lately.