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Front load....I know another Mag-10 question.

I know I know another Question about MAg-10. I have one SIMPLE question. To front load or not to Front load. I will being doing a 2 cycles of Mag-10 /Tribex-500/ M. I want to know in the begining of the first cycle should I front load??? And if so how much should I front load. ( I guess I would have to by an extra bottle for that). Also one more question, I don’t have the cash to be running double serving of mag-10. But instead of just taking 1 serving of mag-10 in the morning. Would it make more sense to take 1/2 serving in the morning and then 1/2 a serving at night. That way its constantly in the system. An suggestions or cursing for asking another Mag-10 question will be taken. Also what do people take there Mag-10 with or should I go raw? Merry X-mas!

Frontload with 2 servings the first day. Then one serving a day after that. You don’t need to split up the servings. It will still be in your system for a little over 24hrs per serving. Make sure to eat enough calories to grow.

Rich, I would definitely frontload. This has been discussed several times, and it seems that those who frontload almost invariably achieve greater results than those who do not.

Your frontload should be twice what you will be using during the cycle. So, if you are going to use a single dose daily (9ml) your frontload should be 2 doses (18ml).

As for splitting the dose; personally, every time I do a Mag-10 cycle, I split the dose and take it 12 hours apart. I just feel better doing this, though I am unsure as to whether it gives better results. Certainly, it would not hinder gains.

For you last question - you can mix Mag-10 with anything, but I am a little hesitant about that. I like to take it straight (I use an oral syringe) and then chase it with some diet coke.

Good luck with you cycle, and hope this helps!

Do as the bottle states if this is your first time. Then once your a seasoned vet, you could double the dose. As fas as taste…well I must say it is not that pleasent. I was expecting something on par with Surge. I just down it and have glass of warm water to get the extra off the spoon then down the water. Remember a lot of the guys/gals that do this stuff are people who are experienced. So do as directed. Follow the plan, eat massive, it’s tuff but you can do it, intense training and plenty of sleep. You will see results.

Frontloading gets the product into the system a little faster, so go with the 2 doses on the first day and 1 dose every day after. As for spliting the dose, you really don’t need too being each dose of Mag-10 is active for over 24 hours. You can mix Mag-10 with anything or take it straight. Either way is fine.