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Front Line and Stress


Well without getting in to much detail me and my partner got in a physical altercation involving a persons on P.C.P and meth several months ago. It really scared the crap out of me beacuse it was the first time at work where I realized that we came very very close to loosing. It was only luck and some improvised restraining methods that we were able to get/hold in a turtle postion unitl backup arrived.

Today we had an almost identical situation with the same person and again if it was not for another car driving by and me flagging him down that we had the back up at the ready to deal with him.

All I can think about now is if I am with my wife and kids and have to deal with him again .... would I be able to protect them.

does anyone have anything similar they experianced? how did you deal with it ?


Beat the fucker dead. Everytime I hear about any of my friends being at the wrong place at the wrong time, (one of my friends got jumped on his way home from his friends place) I think that I wish I could of been there, I would certainly let out alot of my anger.. I wish I could be Superman..I think you have to deal with it differently aka. words, and dont bother restraining him or at least get yourself a tazor or weapon to protect yourself and your family. Cops deserve mad respect, my cousin is one and the job is really tough and its hard to get anyones respect if your a cop, even though you try to get pieces of shit off the street people still dont like you. hats off to you man.


All I can think about is that I wish I never chose this as my career. That I never had my eyes opened to that kind of stuff. I could quit , but Im good at what I do and I love doing it. Leaving wouldnt change anything other than there is one less person out there trying to keep shit like this from normal people.


I was robbed at gunpoint in a gang initiation. They caught them within the hour.

First, I had only seen two of the three individuals, and told the police, and picked two of them easily out of the picture ID, but the officer kept urging me to pick the photo for the third one. I plain hadn't seen his face and didn't want to screw anything up on the other two like having the defense attorney ask me if the officer urged me to pick someone etc... whatever.

Then, I had to go to court 5 times because they kept putting off the hearings. I would go to court, sit there for 2 hours, and then whoops, they had asked for a continuance.

Then, when they figured out that I was going to keep coming, the DA plead them down ridiculously.

Even though I got a gun 2 inches from my chest, they plead the gunholder down to robbery with a simulated weapon, because I had written in the report that it was a small gun, not much larger than a toy. They plead the other guy to menacing, whatever that is. One was out in 6 months and the other in 12, and I got a letter from the city telling me that they had been given personal information about me.


I am guessing you are a cop right? Is it wrong to assume that police officers can not carry an off duty weapon in Canada? We can carry off duty here in the US, my advice is plug him with a .40 cal hollow point.