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Front Hip Flexors And Squatting


I wanted to squat today, my legs feel pretty good. i stretched my hips before i squated. But whenever i squat the front part of my hips are uncomfortable.

When i go down parrellel thats when it starts to feel funky. I've always had this problem, but it was worse today. But my form is pretty good, weight on the heels, sitting back, back tight. But whats going on?

sorry if not enough detail, ill try to get a video or at least a picture of my squat.


I had the same problem years ago. Mine was from squatting too wide. I get hip flexor pain if I deadlift sumo every week, so I alternate weeks when not close to contest.



Are you sure it isn't a tightness in the hip flexors? How do you stretch your hip flexors?


Deep forward lunges and bulagarian split squats will stretch your hip flexors.


In addition to the deep forward lunges, do a high-knee type stretch with one leg, but do it dynamically.


What type of stretching are you doing? It should be predominately dynamic preworkout excpet that I would statically stretch the hip flexors.


well i've solved the problem, i was focusing on stretchin my hams and hips more then i did on my quads, i have no idea why i forget to stretch quads, but ill get on my knees and lean back and stretch my quads before i squat and now it feels completly comfotable.