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Front Delts are Too Big


My front delts are bigger than my medial and rear delts and my shoulders don't look proportional because of that fact. Is it advisable that I eliminate overhead pressing from my routine and focus more on lateral raises?
Note: All my chest pressing is low incline pressing, so my front delts will still be worked to a degree.


Just start working your rear delts more.


Focus more on lateral and rear delts.


Do what makes you happy.

Are you competing?


Profile check
Weight: 150 pounds
Height: 5'11"
Bodyfat: 15%.

I don't think overdeveloped front delts are why your shoulders don't look proportional.

Can you toss up a pic, please?

Program check, as of last week
"Day 1

A1) Incline Dumbbell Press 3x5
A2 ) Dumbbell Row 3x5
B) Front Squat 3x5
C1) Dumbbell Overhead Press 3x10
C2) Weighted Chin Up 3x10
D) Leg Curl 3x10

Day 2

A1) Dumbbell Overhead Press 3x5
A2) Weighted Chin Up 3x5
B) Romanian Deadlift 3x5
C1) Incline Dumbbell Press 3x10
C2) Dumbbell Row 3x10
D) Leg Press 3x10

Alternate 1 and 2 three days a week."

You already believe "these are the movements that work best" for you, so there's that. Some simple exercise variety would be the easiest solution, or consider getting on a pre-designed routine.

Long story short: For physique goals, laterals are pretty much always a good idea. But I think that's thinking short-term/not big picture.


While I find it hard to ever believe that front delts are "over developed", it's usually that the rest of the physique, specifically the rear and medial portions of the area are under developed. For a height of 5'11, and a weight of 150 lbs, I think you'd be better suited with a program that actually addresses overall development. The obvious lack of any delt work aside from pressing, combined with only pressing movements for chest - huge overlap here - seems to have allowed you to make some progress, albeit in just a minor area of your overall physique.

As Greg put it: "focus more on lateral and rear delts" -lol.



You're off your rocker lol. Number one your rear and medial delts are too small. Number two you're probably not lean enough to really see your rear delts pop out in the first place.


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Pics of these delts plz


@Ecchastang, gregron

No, but I don't want to regret not training smartly in the future.

I don't update my profile because I mostly read the articles. I'm still 150 lbs but at 12% bodyfat. Will start a slow clean bulk when I get to 10% bodyfat.

I never did the program I posted last week, I just wanted to learn about frequency while cutting and it's something I might do in the future.

I've been doing THIS program for the past month and a half.


Low Incline Dumbbell Press 4x6-8
Weighted Chin Up 5x5/50 reps with bodyweight on second upper body day
Seated Dumbbell Press 3x10-12
Dumbbell Row 3x10-12
Lateral Raises 2x12-15
Rear Delt Raise 2x12-15


Front Squat 4x6-8
Romanian Deadlift 4x6-8
Leg Press 3x10-12
Straight Leg Calf Press 4x8
Dumbbell Extension 2x12-15
Dumbbell Curl 2x12-15

4 days a week. A tweaked version of Lyle's generic bulking routine.

I found that these are the movements that give me the least trouble and most results, as I can progress them without any issues. Movements that were too much trouble for their worth, (in my case): low bar squat, high bar squat, bench Press, seated or standing overhead press, barbell rows and weighted pull ups.

I wanted to know if I should eliminate the seated dumbbell presses and increase the volume of the lateral and rear delt raises. I'll keep them as per the above advice, but do them last and increase the volume of the other shoulder stuff. Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to check my profile to give personalized advice, that's pretty cool.


Thanks for the advice.


They do pop out and they're defined, but they're smaller than the front delts. You are right though, my physique is too small for my liking due to me wasting a year of training by getting on the starting strength 5x5 bandwagon and trying to teach myself the technique the entire time while listening to shit like "don't train arms". or upper chest. or medial delts. or calfs.

I understand where you're coming from. I will PM you the solutions I use to accommodate for this issue myself.

Yea, no. I'm not here to prove anything and I have no reason to lie. I came here for advice and I got it


Lol no advice can be given until you show the physique you have you arent proving anything but to get hlelp you need to show where you are at. But youre delts arent too big. Youre 150lbs sorry and 15% bf that makes your delts maybe even seem big so when leaner your rear and lateral detls will be worse. How about you just show where you are at so the critiques mean something


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