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Front Delt (Tendon?) Pain After Chest Work



Hi everyone.

For a year now I have pain in my front deltoid, especially after any chest exercises. The pain is also prevalent at any exercise that makes my elbow go behind my shoulder.

The pain is like this: On the day I worked out there isn’t much pain. Day after I have what I suspect inflammation at the entire shoulder front capsule. It feels like it is in my tendons/capsule area.

I went to several physios without much help. One suspected an upper trap dominance, the other thought it was the coracobrachialis and another one fixed my rhomboids. All of them made me do scapular retraction exercises which I still heavily do to this day.

The problem I suspect comes from a rhomboid injury that I treated extremely poor: That resulted in a muscular imbalance. Me continuing to bench press without scapular retraction and stability probably resulted in this.

The thing is: My form isn’t bad anymore. I retract and lower my scapula IF I bench, yet it still gives me pain the day after. My rhomboids have restored and are stronger than ever. My lower traps also fire properly.

What could be? Anyone have any experience with such symptoms?


If its in the front it could be your rotator cuff. I’s surprised nobody has mentioned that you unless I’m way off base on the location of your pain.


it could actually be bicep tendon. The bicep tendon attaches at the head of the humerus, so it can be easily mistaken as a front delt pain. Rotator cuff is more “on top” of your shoulder.

this just means that you are using too narrow of a grip that makes your elbow go way past your body causing anterior humeral glide. widen your grip slightly and don’t OVER-tuck your elbows during bench press


Anterior Humeral glide sounds very possible what keeps happening. That my shoulder bone is irritating my tendons.

Pain area is here. Feels inflammated and irritated but never bad pain. like 4/10 pain.


You should go see a sports medicine orthopedic doc. self diagnosis is pretty useless


Thats exactly where the tendon of the bicep attaches. I would know because i experience something similar from time to time. Just slightly widen the grip on the bar when benching :slight_smile: