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Front Delt Pain

So, as everyone says forgive me if this has been posted… I have searched and found some articles that have helped and have given me insight into what I have done. Things like Diesel 2 min shoulder warm up, bands, stretching, etc… I still am trying to figure out where to go from here.

So here is the short of it… I was benching and doing a decent weight (345lbs) nothing that I have not done before a hundred times. I was on my way up my weights to doing singles… when snap, pop, crack. My front delt died… my spotter lifted the weight off of me and I was done… SO here is where I am. I have been using a band to stretch and work my shoulder and have taken 2 weeks off while only doing minimal stretches and warm up exercises. I feel much better than I did. Now I can really pin point where the pain is. If I go thumb down front delt raise, slight pain. If I go thumb down side delt raise, slight pain. If I go thumb up front or side pain increases, but I get a grinding and popping. Here is where my concern is!

So, I know well just don’t do that… funny but just like you I am not going to give up that easy! I am a bencher and a pretty good one at that. I am sure that I lack in some technique which is why I did what I did to myself. I have a competition that is at the end of Sept… am I out of the game or what? Gonna hit the gym tomorrow and see what hurts and what doesn’t and work up from there. So anyone experienced this and what was your time out? Am I just delaying the inevitable surgery?

Thank you in advance…

I don’t know much, but I’m pretty sure it would be a bad idea to try to make the meet at the end of the month. Even if it starts feeling great, even a miraculous come back, I think it would be a bad idea to push it that soon. Good luck w/ the injury.

I would get checked out by a doc. If there is popping and grinding it is probably bad.