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Front Box Squats


been useing front box squats as max effort movment rather then back squats love the gains just hit a 455x1 off a parallel box the other day was wondering if others out there have used this movement and what your experience has been.


Why in the "combat forum" and not in the "I hate punctuation" forum?

Anyway, I like front squats because I can get lower more easily and with better form as the reps go by.
So, no box for me.

-Stay strong, 500lbs is within reach!


455 paralel front box squat? thats just sick.




i train mma and switched at first due to back pain, then when i went back to back squats i felt i lost explosiveness and overall strength compared to when i was front squatting. after adding the box i feel as though i have more power in my takedowns and the box allows me to develope my explosiveness from a static position. i wish i had actually found this movement while playing football as i feel it would have developed excellent strength while blocking.


I've found front-box squats help with my upper arch for back squats; though I have had better success with free front squats. I'm nowhere near 455 but hope to be someday!