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Front Box Squats?


I was wondering if anyone knows how to perform box squats with front squats? If anyone does them that way that is.
I was recommended not to do back squats (because of shoulder pain) by one of the writers on T-Nation.
I tested front box squats today on a hunch to see if I felt more glute recruitment, and I think I did.

I do ATG squats and noticed that my butt tends to lift before the rest of my body.I thought that box squats may help me with proper glute recruitment.
Thanks for any input, this site is great.


its good that your butt goes up first when your coming up means you have Hip drive which most people don't pay attention to when squatting.


Drop maraudermeat a pm, and ask for a link to his video of his maaaasssive front box squat.


You're not experiencing shoulder pain when supporting the weight for your front squats? Tell me your secret.


Not to be an smartass in any way but the best thing that I ever did for my front squat shoulder pain was simply build more muscle at the shoulder. Seems like a simple answer IMO since your building essentially a "cushion". For what it's worth I front squat 315 ATG for reps. However, if this is a joint pain or you don't care, well then I'll go back to my corner now lol

Oh, and you could use the Manta ray (sp?) that Shugart mentioned in his consumer report article not too long ago.

Hope that helps.



Thanks forevernade I will contact maraudermeat about his front squat video.

Rape Weight, as for shoulder pain, front squats do not hurt them. My pain is in the joint and reaching back irritates them.