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From WAY out in left field...

All right, it’s Friday, I’m kinda bored waiting for the new issue, and I got a wild hare up my ass to start a TOTALLY off topic thread (humor me). I’m feeling nostalgic. I was looking at some of the toys that kids play with today (don’t ask), and I noticed that they have been so sanitized for safety and political correctness that I can’t possibly imagine that I could have had any fun playing with them when I was little. For the most part, they’re soft, fluffy, “gender neutral” and (shudder) pastel colored. Years ago, however, my friends and I had access to stuff that was positively lethal (but one hell of a lot of fun) like lawn darts, model rockets, and homemade potato guns. So, in this thread lets hear your thoughts on what toy(s) from your childhood you would like to see brought back, and why. Hey that’s why there’s an “Off-Topic” forum, right?

I still have many of my old toys from when I was a kid. My favorite has always been Transformers. I also have some old G.I. Joes, toy guns (that look identical to the real thing), and a few others. And I still collect a few things every now and again including Marvel superheroes (X-men, Spider man, Hulk, etc), new transformers and some Spawn stuff. I’m old school for sure. I love my Transformers and my realistic-looking toy guns. They are the bomb!

I had tons of Japanese toys, (they are like tranformers)and they all shot little missles, were made of metal and had plenty of sharpe edges. I used to have those guns that shot the little platic discs, those were fun. Me and my little bro hads tons of battles with thoses thing.

I always liked big wheels. Those were the shit!

I have a two year old boy, and I’ve noticed the same things you have. Fortunately, no one has completely been able to sanitize little kids. Somehow all boys are born with at least one rule ingrained in their little brain: ANY TOY CAN BECOME A PROJECTILE!! You can’t imagine how proud it makes you to see you’re son pick up his sister’s pink Barbie Corvette and send it flying across the room into the wall, then to have him turn to you and say “Car go boom.”

I liked GI Joe…i liked to set up the characters and then use dart guns to blow em to pieces…yeah that political correct crap sucks…i am sick of it…and hot wheels were awesome as well…race tracks and stuff

I think I can speak for most Canadians when I say the most important toy growing up was a good street hockey stick and a few bald tennis balls. If your folks had the cash you might be lucky enough to have a street hockey goal net which would make you the first kid to be called on to play. Don’t see many kids playing street hockey up here any more though. It’s kinda sad. I guess computer games have made old fashioned games obsolete. Maybe has something to do with so many children these days looking like minature fat basturds.

Back in the day, ninja turtles and ghostbusters were the shit. All of mine are probably still in the house somewhere. When I was about 8 or 9, I had probably watched every episode of the tv shows ever made.

I feel what your saying buddy, but I think it takes the kid to realize there needs to be some changes. I recall back in my younger days, mind you I’m 22, running around the house with my all time favorite “TRANSFORMERS” and GI JOEs, causin a ruckus around the house, come to think of it, it didn’t matter what toy I had, I was the toy master and it had to be my way or the highway. It’s like this; any toy I had was going to make me happy no matte what, so at times I had to make necessary adjustments. I’m sure if I was stuck with getting a Barney and a teletubby for Christmas, Barney would definitely become the purple carnivore of legend and tear through that teletubby like po-folk to a steak, even if I did have to pick up the fluffy white insides from all over the carpet afterwards. It’s not in the toy, man, it’s in the kid. (but toys do look kinda gay these days)

Telletubbies and pokemon suck pretty good. where did they come up with this shit. My favorite has to be transformers, GI Joes, voltron, and he-man. Although the video games today are a lot better than they used to be.

Demo: A LARGE part of what you see is the VERY litiginous nature of the U.S. Not only do manufactures get HUGE judgments made against them for safety issues, but also if some dumbass uses their product in a way that was NEVER intended and gets hurt…or even if it is not politically correct. (Remember…even if you “win” a case in the U.S…you spend a LOT of money defending an allegation).

1st place is G.I. Joes hands down. 2nd place is Legos.

I’ve still got my Legos from when I was a kid - thank god! And Ko’s mom still has all them toys he got from Japan when he was a kid. Sound like it’s time to take a trip to Asia (Hong Kong and Japan) and load up! Actually, though in Portland there’s a really kewl store called Just-Be Inc (or Just-Be Toys) and they have got some mighty neat toys and models from Japan. They also have a website!

Little plastic toy soldiers with tanks, bldgs and all, FOOTBALLS, wiffle ball & bat, cap guns of any sort, Tin Can Alley, Pong, Mr.Quarterback (definitely the shit), self standing punching bags (I had Bozo the clown), bubble gum cigarettes. Damn, that felt great! Been wanting to vent on this one, tired of the ‘feminizing’ of our Sons with this touchy feely Crap! Take it easy…good topic.

Stay strong,
Dan I…

I would have to go with HE-MAN. I watched the cartoon and had the toys too. I always had plastic replicas of M-16’s and shit like that as well. Do they even sell plastic guns anymore? Anyway, toys have gone to shit these days. I wonder if and when I have kids, god forbid, if they will grow up to be a little too happy. Oh well, I will just make them watch Schwarzenegger flicks all day long.

As kids growing-up in late 60’s, my brother and I had
enough GI-Joes and accessories to start a small war.
But our most cherished moments were spent beating
each other over the head with hockey sticks; God, I
miss those days!!!

Legos RULE, I still have boxes of them. Hotwheels were awesome. I had a huge collection, and they could get quite dangerous - just ask my sister who is missing a chunk of her front tooth from an
incident about 20 years ago. As for lethal ‘toys’ my cousin and I used to lift up the flag stones in his driveway and put GI Joe guys underneith with a lit M-80. Chunks of soldier went EVERYWHERE. (My aunt could never figure out why all her driveway stones were cracked…)

Legos and blocks, yes! However, I remember being outside and actually doing stuff. Roller skates, badminton rackets, balls, a piece of chalk and a sidewalk (anyone remember hopscotch?), swings, slides, those crazy round things that everyone piles on and one kid runs around like an idiot turning the thing faster and faster and then jumps on, ice skates, toboggans, etc. etc. We were usually too tired from doing physical stuff outside to actually need a lot of toys inside!

O.k. I think most of the toys then were not so different than they are now. What I really loved then were these small plastic army men + firecrackers. We would blow them to pieces, torch them, melt them… wow, thinking of it makes me want to do it again (but I would have to drive somewhat to get firecrackers).
I hope no kids are reading this :slight_smile: Repeat after me: ‘Don’t burn mommy’s and daddy’s house down.’

I agree w/ Mufasa. People are just begging to sue a company over anything.