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From TRT to Real Cycle

New guy here…
So, I’ve been on TRT for 6 months now. Attached a before and after image of my 6 month transformation while on TRT. Testosterone has been very good to me. But, I’ve hit a wall on my growth and am thinking of bumping things up into a real cycle.
Should I go right into a cycle from my TRT protocol, OR should I back off and run clomid for awhile with HCG and ‘rejuvenate’ a bit before going into a cycle??

I do have sups on hand and have a proposed cycle.
Note: I’m 35, 5’11 180, 12% body fat, and fairly fit with a clean diet and consistent lifting program in place. I’ve gained 30 lbs while on TRT and lifting heavy.

Nice gains bro… I see you added some ink as well… I just started TRT so Im no expert but I think what you are talking is called “blasting & cruising” You may get ripped on here for asking that question… Lots of dudes blast and cruise so Im sure if you google that enough you will find a solid B&C protacol…

If you are on TRT and needed to be, there is no need for PCT, you will always have HPTA shutdown.

thanks Hebrewhero… yea I wonder if I guy who is on TRT would need to ‘bridge’ or cruise between cycles rather then doing the full pct route

[quote]KSman wrote:
If you are on TRT and needed to be, there is no need for PCT, you will always have HPTA shutdown.[/quote]

This is what I was guessing, but I have read a few articles on how Clomid, apart from PCT, has helped hypogonadal men rejuvenate and boost natural Test levels. Thought there might be some benefit to that before starting a cycle.
But, if your shut down and have really low T to begin with… there is really nothing there to ‘rejuvenate’, is that what your saying?

Yes. If you’re on TRT there is no PCT. Blast and then return to your TRT dose. It’s that simple. No need for Clomid. If you’re taking an AI with your TRT adjust according while blasting.

If you can recover to useful T levels with a PCT restart, you should do that and not be on TRT.