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From the WTF Files


LOL, wow






I clicked "REPORT ABUSE".




The mom should have just bought her kid a fake vagina. The dad could have just told her that if she asked in the first place!


You know, I think she may have even done him a disservice because when he finally has someone to provide blowjobs, it would be beyond awesome and wouldn't have any weird side memories involved like how his mother used to masturbate him.


Ahh the internet...gotta love it.


Little does she know dad is "helping" him too.


WOW! I highly doubt any kid would ask his mommy to help him get his rocks off!
If it is true, then that a big wtf.
And she should use the Fleshlight on him, more like the real thing! LOL




lol@ people not knowing its fake




If you think about it, this kid is getting quite the treat. He's obviously already past the psychological problems most of us would have with our mother's beating us off, and now at 14 he's getting routine handjobs by a woman who has probably learned the trade pretty well over the years! None of that awkward "I'm 14 and don't know what to do with this penis" nonsense most of us had to get started with.

Bullocks, I say!

Edit: Like one time when I was younger I had a girl grab my bird and just move it around like a joystick. Was that supposed to feel good?


I'd say just wedge a fleshlight between the mattress and box spring and let him have a go at it. Change the batteries once in a while and rinse it out with the garden hose.


the whole situation is just wrong, I mean, having her supervise would be ok, but to participate... :wink:


Fleshlights take batteries?


uh, lol


NO they don't. But I just receive an email from them today and they now have one that does! This handless kid will have it made, now we just need to tell his mom about it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here's another one....
This has to be fake though...