From The Earth To The Moon?

You heard it on NPR? on “All Things Distorted?” maybe? Just a joke to lighten things up a bit. Well if I’m the only person to be suspicious about the moon landings, just read what I gleaned off of the Transorbital web site: “In addition, the Trailblazer mission should provide the opportunity to photograph the equipment left behind by past Apollo and Russian landings putting an end to suspicions that the Moon landings were faked.” Guess I’m not the only one if Transorbital is going to take the time to do this (or waste their time to try and do this). By the way, on June 14, 1970, Knight (B4 Knight-Ridder) newspapers published a story that based on interviews with 1,721 people in six (6) cities, a full 30% of them did not believe that U.S. astronauts had been to the earth and back. Regardless of if the sampling was statistically valid, this is a huge percent. So I have to say (again), I am probably not the only person out there who is skeptical of the moon landings, but the only one with balls enuf to go at it with you guys. About Gemini (re:Van Allen Belt posting), Wally Shirra is quoted from February 1966 as saying, “I doubt if I could have flown my (Mercury and Gemini) missions if I had encountered as many foul-ups as the Apollo crafts.” Hmmmm, I only recall hearing about one (1) foul-up. Anyway, my Microsoft Outlook has been updated to tickle me in June of 2003 to go back to the Transorbital website to see how the mission to map the moon is going…and maybe, just maybe we’ll see if just one (1) dust particle has made its way onto one (1) of the LM’s foot pads :wink: