From The Earth To The Moon?

For you folks that don’t believe (for whatever reason) that I went to the moon, next month TransOrbital Corporation of LA is taking high-resolution digital photographs of the landing sites for you clowns. Their orbiter will eventually crash into the moon, depositing the ashes of the rich people that paid them to do so (that is, if the onboard computers and telemetry can survive the Van Allen belt HAHAHAHA!) I just thought I would let you know so you can come up with further conspiracy theories as to why the new photos are part of a government conspiracy. By the way, they had to get State Department clearance to do this mission, and what do you know? The State Department didn’t care whether they took photos of the landing sites or not. When these pictures come out, you can join the rest of us who realized some thirty odd years ago how cool it was that we could land a man on the moon.

As a side note, one of you quacks assailed an elderly Buzz Aldrin the other day demanding that he swear on the Holy Bible that he actually landed on the moon. He has had enough of this nonsense, so he was caught on camera trying to beat the snot out of this young punk. HAHAHAHAHA!