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From The Earth To The Moon?

I have to disagree that the wound was an entry wound. The small size of the exit hole in front of Kennedy’s neck was due to the fact that the skin was supported by a firm collar band, which restrained it from bulging and bursting open ahead of the exiting bullet. The exit wound probably would’ve been larger had the bullet exited Kennedy’s neck just at the collar band. John Lattimer, author of Kennedy and Lincoln, did detailed experiments to confirm this. In addition, conspiracy authors describe Dallas doctors as being absolutely sure that the neck wound was an entrance wound. However, they omit the fact that the doctors who actually saw the wound speculated it was an exit wound from a fragment from the head shot. Conspiracy authors also imply that ER personnel can accurately determine whether a wound is entry or exit. However, a study published in JAMA, April 28, 1993, concluded that emergency physicians cannot accurately determine whether a wound is exit or entry in a multiple gunshot case. Multiple gunshot wounds were misinterpreted 74% of the time by emergency doctors.