From The Earth To The Moon?

This is exactly what I meant (no offense intended to TenMan.) Latching onto a single thing, which could simply be an error of description, and coming to a conclusion that one now has knowledge others don’t about what’s “really going on.”

As one possibility here, perhaps the 400 lb is not 2% of the total, but is instead the amount of fuel that had been budgeted for the final part of the descent, and all but 2% (in other words, a matter of seconds) was exhausted.

Since I don’t know the fuel burn rate I don’t know if it’s plausible that only 400 lb might be required for the final stage of descent, nor what that stage might be defined as (perhaps that period after which vertical velocity was approximately zero and the craft was basically moving only horizontally to find a landing place) but even if not, a non-conspiracy-oriented mind would assume error of some kind here, not that there was a giant conspiracy undermined by inability to avoid making errors like this in the cover story. Geez.