From The Earth To The Moon?

Finally it looks like we have access to an expert (or at least someone who may be able to answer a question or two). NASA Press Release: “Armstrong’s maneuver (re: so much dust upon attempting to land the LM on the moon)took him more than 1,000 feet beyond where the autopilot would have set him down, cost an extra 40 seconds, and left only about 2 percent of usable fuel - about 400 lbs - for the descent.” Now if 2 percent of the usable fuel is 400 pounds then 100 percent is 20,000 pounds, ot 10 tons. The entire Lunar Module only weighed 8 tons. Hmmm…maybe this was the weight on the moon…no, wait, that would mean less gravity…Uhhhh…I know! It was the atmosphere…yes, that’s it! Hmmmm…maybe not…Hey RockClimberJoe! Can you as your Dad about this? Someone could attempt to ask this of Armstrong (in an interview, maybe), but, that’s right…he stopped granting interviews years ago (hmmmmm).