From Tennis to Strength Training

Hi, I’m a portuguese 19yo that wants to start making real progress in the iron game, I’m 1,78m, 77kg(5’10, 170lbs I suppose). been training for about 3 years, yet only since august ganed some weight since my goals have changed(played competitive tennis up until this summer but as I decided to refuse the offer of an athletic scholarship in the US, my parents found it was time to start studying properly), so now I dont’t work the stamina speed, agility and coordination as much and am focusing on strength training. Since September, when my goals changed, I’ve gained 9kg of muscle, yet I feel my strength isn’t going up that much.

Was on madcow for about 3 months, made progress but not as much as I would expect, so now I’ll change to a upper/lower split 4x a week, to see where it takes me.
My goals are to be 83-85kg by the end of the year, to squat 130 kg, bench 100kg, deadlift 170kg and press 70kg, all by the end of the year.
My current maxes are:
Squat 100kgx3(my weakest lift don’t know why)
Bench 85kgx5
Deadlift 140kgx5(my best and favourite lift)
Press 60kgx3

I know I’m a beginner and should do the known prescribed programs, but I was feeling run down with madcow and felt that there was lacking volume especially in the leg training to up my squat, so I’ll try my best in this self made program.Any tips, suggestions or opinions, are welcome, mainly the harsh ones

Bench press: warm-up and 5x3 at 85kg
T-bar rows: 10x3 at 80 kg
Incline dumbell press: 3x10 24kg
Military press: 50kgx5, 30kgx8, 30 kgx8(started feeling tired, dropped the weight, worked mor reps)

Squat: up to 100kgx5( was hard as fuck)
Pause squat: 70kgx3x10(really focusing on speed)
Romanian Deadlifts: 50kgx5x10(very litle rest)
Leg press: 100kgx20 120kgx12 140kgx8

Light on the volume to let my body adapt to the new program

Press:3x5 50kg ss with chins 10, 8, 8
One-arm db row: 3x10x34kg
Incline press: 2x10x24kg, 2x8, 1x7
Cable crossover 3x10x60kg ss with rear raises 10x3x8kg

Deadlift: work up to 150kg(Pr), 130kgx3,110kgx5
Front squat: 7x3x70kg
Leg press: 3x20x100kg
Hamstring curls: 50kgx12, 35kgx15 20kgx20(dropset)
Calf raise: 3x12

Bench press: 87,5x3(Pr) 80x3 70x3 ss with chins, 10, 8, 8, 8, 8
Dips 5x10 ss with rows 100x10, 110x10, 120x10,130x10, 150x8
Behind the head press 3x3 50kg ss with bent raise 3x8x8kg

Squat:102,5x5(they just don’t feel smooth, guess I lack hamstring strength)
Front squat: 60kgx10x10x8x8
Pause squat(3 seconds) 4x8x50kg
Good mornings 2x8x50kg
Ham curls(dropset): 50x15, 35x15, 20x20

Press: 60kgx2 5x3x50kg
One arm db row: 100 reps per arm superseted through the workout
Incline press 24kgx10x10x8
Cable crossover: 3x8x100kg
Close grip bench press: 3x8x50kg

Squat:110kgx2(pr), 5x5x90kg(pr)
Hack squat: 200x10, 220x10 240x8, 260x6, 280x6
Seated leg curl:30kgx20, 40kgx20, 45kgx20

Bench press: 90kgx2(PR), 5x5x70kg(pr) ss with 50 pullups
Rows: 120x10, 130x10, 140x10, 150x8
incline db press: 5x10x24kg ss with 20kg plate rows 30 reps for 2 sets and then ss with bent over rows 3x10x8kg
close grip bench press ss with bb curls 2x8x50kg, 2x8x30kg

Squat: 3x5x100kg
Front squat: 4x8x70kg
Stiff leg deadlift: 5x10x70kg

Press: 60kgx2 ss with 6x8 pullups
Behind the neck press: 3x5x50kg
Db chest press: 4x8x30kg ss chest supported machine rows 4x8x80kg
Cable crossover:1x10x80kg 1x8x80kg ss v bar pulldown 2x10x60kg
Ez bar tricep extensions: 10x20kg 10x25kg 10x30kg

Weight update: 77,5kg
Squat: 3x3x105kg ( low back pain due to insuficient rest I guess)
Smith machine partial deadlifts( below knees):8x2x6plates
Hack squat: 3x10x240
45? back extension: 4x8x20kg

Bench press: 5x3x85kg ss bb rows: 5x5x70kg
Behind the neck press: 5x5x50kg ss 50 pullups
Db chest press: 10, 9, 8x26kg ss rear delt cable fly: 2x10x20kg
Tricep extensions: 3x10x25kg ss barbell curl: 3x10x25kg

Front squat: 100kgx1(Pr), 90kgx3, 80kgx5
Pause squat: 5x6x70kg with a 3 second pause
Leg press: 2x20x100kg
Smith machine calf raise 5x25x20kg ss leg raise 5x10

Press: 65kgx0(failed Pr)
Behind the neck press: 5x8x40kg ss dB rows: 5x10x34kg
Incline press: 5x6x28kg ss chins 5x6x10kg
Dips: 15, 15, 14
Tricep extensions: 3x10x25kg ss dB curls 3x10x12kg

Squat: 5x10x80kg
Leg curl: 4x8x60kg
Leg press calf raise: 3x50x50kg ss leg raise 3x15

Bench press: 6x6x70kg ss barbell rows: 5x3x80kg
Pullups:8x6 ss btn press: 8x6x45kg
Cable crossover: 3x10x80kg ss db rows: 3x10x34kg
Cg bench press: 3x10x50kg ss curls

Deadlift: 150kgx2(Pr)
Pause squat: 90kgx5 100kgx5 105kgx5 110kgx5 ( paused at a bench about parallel)
Leg curl: 2x20x40kg
Calf raise: 3x15 ss side raise: 3x12

Bench press: 90kgx2, 85kgx4, 4, 3, 3, 3 ss with 80 pullups
Dumbell seated press: 20kgx8, 24kgx6x2
Barbell rows: 5x6x70kg ss dips: 5x8x10kg
Tricep extensions: 3x10x30kg ss db curls 3x10x12kg