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From T-Dawg to V-Diet?



Iv'e been on the T-dawg for about 5 weeks now and have noticed pretty good results in wieght loss and muscle gain.However rather strangly iv'e noticed that although I look a LOT thiner on the stomach and face than when I started this diet my wieght has fluctuated rather strangly from approx 224lb's starting,down to 217lbs and even down as far as 211'lbs but has now shot up to 218.5lbs??? Which I find rather wierd as I look the same as when I was wieghed two weeks ago at 211lbs?

Iv'e been doing the WM while on this diet and am now in my second week of TBT.Iv'e adjusted calories each week to take into acount the lost wieght,I am of course eating as required iv'e honestly not cheated even once! and my once a week "free meals" are sensbile i.e a xl-whooper with cheese and fries :wink:

The only thing I can think off is that it's the creatine iv'e been using since the end of week one that has add'ed some water weight to my frame? that or the possibility iv'e put on 6-8lbs of muscle in 5-6 weeks?? I do look a lot more muscular round the arms and body since I started training and dieting 5-6 weeks ago but surely I couldent have add'ed 6-8;bs of muscle in two weeks from 211'lbs to 218.5lbs could

Anyway the main reason I put this up is my goal has always been to shed the fat so as I can bulk up ASAP. I wanted to ask you guys opinions of switiching to the V-diet for 2 weeks in an efort to shed the last bits of fat I can see on my frame (My stomach in particular my lower part)And then two weeks back on the T-Dawg to adjust to solids before I can start my "proper" goal of a bulking diet?


More weight, just as lean or leaner = GOOD!!!!!

Dont fix what is working.

Yes it could be a mix of both gaining and the creatine but still it s working I would stay with the T-Dawg and not risk the LBM with the Extreme approach of the V-Diet when your ultimate goal is more mass.

Just my 2 cc however,


Hi phil,

Lets say I stick with the T-Dawg when would be a time to cut losses and try the V-Diet?


Um IO would go for the V-Diet when you have two weeks until you step on Stage or have a Photo shoot. or some reason to get lean FAST.

Sure the V-Diet was desing to help preserve mass while dropping fat but it is still very risky and moreso the leaner the trainee.

Now if you will be assisted thats a different story.

Thats my take. LBM in just to damn precious.

Hope that helps,


Hi phil,

Well trouble is Iv'e had from experience before when dieting(Many years ago)on a 6 day Atkins type diet with 1 day off to eat anything I like.That I couldent,even though I got down to around 210lb's and used to train 6 days a week(Yes I know better now)shift that last layer of fat around the belly esp at the bottom of the gut.

Granted im on the T-Dawg and it's only been 5 weeks plus it's a diff diet.But I want to be lean as possible for when I bulk and im looking for a way to get rid of that last bit of fat that "I think" I will have a problem getting rid off even when I drop down a few more lb's.Given that what do you think?

P.S What do you mean by assisted?



Assisted = AAS, PH/PS, or other not so legal supplements.

Honestly it boils down to changing things constantly pushing a litel harder and doing thing smart food cjoihce and timing. Oh and the amount of patients you have.

In the end do what you feel is best, Hey the V-Diet may be it. Shugart seeme dto have GREAT success and says he is the leanest ever.

Good luck bro, and come on beck with any further questions,



Thanks for the good advice Phil.Im going to take it and continue on the Dawg for a few more weeks and see how I go.Im also tweaking now as im adding 20 mins of exercise bike to all non-wieght training days as well as eating under calorific needs slightly @ 2665 rather than 2800 kcals a day but still of course getting about 1.5x a lb's of protien per day.


No prob best of luck.

I will add that I have had success cutting down and preserving LBM by adding in X-Vest walks in the AM partially fasted. Then Add in a walk at night. Aim for as many hills as possible. Just a nice pace. It is very effectibve at targeting fat loss, also the Cardio in the PM helps boost seratonin which can aid in sleep that is sometimes suspect while hypocaloric.

Slowly adjust and add sessions as needed to keep the loss coming.

Keep us informed on the porogress.


Hi Phil,

Thanks for those tips, Esp the one about
some cardio in the Pm.Iv'e only been having about 7 hours of sleep since I started dieting & training about 5-6 weeks ago.And funny enough I dont feel at all fatiuged for it,And this is coming from a guy who used to sleep a minimum of 9 hours a day.

And of course I'll only be to happy to keep you informed of progress in the next few weeks :slight_smile:


Heck yes give it a try. shoot for atleast a half hour of low mid intensity. A relaxing walk but still a bit challanging. Justt go have a stroll. Enjoy it mostly.

This has hepled me greatly with messed up sleep patterns

Glad to help,