From Super Amped Up to Being Calm. What is That?

Today I had a very important oral exam, so I took a large dose of coffee and cigarettes on an empty stomach before, being on the gas.

and what happened? the first question was so bothering me that I could not put the sentence correctly, but after all the tension left me and I felt that I was in optimal cognitive disposition and that I have the rest of the questions, I answered correctly.

My question, why am I suddenly calmed down from being super filmed?
I know that many people have such a thing that at the beginning they are tense, and then they loosen up?
Is it somehow related to the neurotype?

Could be high acetylcholine and high serotonin activity.

It looks like you reacted emotionally to the exam at first and also because you got so revved up from the caffeine and nicotine, but then your prefontal cortex took over, told your amygdala to shut up because everything’s fine.

It’s only a hypothesis but I believe once you realized it was going to be alright and your prefontal cortex took over, your acetylcholine and dopamine levels went through the roof. Higher acetylcholine protects dopamine and noradrenaline (required for focus) and decreases adrenaline production (can make you nervous, overstimulated when it’s too high). High dopamine sensitivity and high acetylcholine combined together along with higher serotonin levels gives you that feeling of being very goal oriented, calm and collected. Acetylcholine’s job is also to retrieve information a lot faster and makes it possible to be more creative and make more associations.

Is acetylcholine elevated from sleep deprivation? When I worked as a creative I swear that hardly sleeping was what made me excel at it.

Perhaps temporarily, altough I would rather assume its the dopamine, noradrenaline and adrenaline keeping you engaged.

What I do know for sure is that long term sleep deprivation is actually a sign of LOW acetylcholine. Studies (pubmed) have shown that acetylcholine is a crucial neurotransmitter for initiating and maintaining REM sleep.

I will also add that after this exam I feel tired and I don’t feel like anything at all. How energetic I was, now I’m in bed and I feel like a cake, I hate it … Why is it like that? and it has not been some time since that …

Well it depends on your habits. How long have you been doing this cafeine, nicotine boost prep?

If you do that often, you can either experience desensitization of your bèta-adrenergic receptors (which means you don’t respond well to your own energy producing adrenaline anymore), dopamine depletion (feeling lethargic, unmotivated. Not the same feeling as high gaba, which is just feeling super relaxed and calm) or a big increase in adenosine levels.

You see, adenosine is a normal byproduct of energy production. From the moment you wake up up until the moment you go to bed adenosine builds up in the brain. When it binds to certain neuroreceptors in certain regions of the brain, it causes chemical pressure that makes you feel sleepy at the end of the day.

Now, caffeine has a very similar molecular structure to adenosine. What this means is that cafeine molecules will basically block the effects of adenosine by binding to the same receptors. This is the reason why coffee and other stimulants make you feel more awake/alert alongside increasing adrenaline production.

What happens though is as soon as caffeine is metabolized, all that built up adenosine in the brain starts to flood the receptors, which causes a major feeling of tiredness. It almost has a knockout effect.

Lastly, if you happen to feel tired during the early afternoon that is completely normal due to circadian rhythm. Between 12 and 16 pm, depending on your personal rhythm, body temperature drops slightly which results in slightly increased melatonin levels. This can cause an afternoon slumber and a make you want to go take a nap. Mediterranean countries are very aware of this phenomenon and have been integrating naps into their culture for centuries.

I drink coffee often, like 3-4 cups, always with a cigarette. I love this combination of coffee and cigarette flavors, I rarely take them separately, it’s nice to feel this rush of concentration, I would even say that coffee and cigarettes reduce my anxiety in a way, weird … Usually it’s like the excess of coffee and pipes creates anxiety me the other way around.

but so far I have not noticed any negative side effects associated with drinking coffee and smoking, except that they relax me in a way, unless I have, for example, 5 minutes of a very important exam :joy:

I guess you are Neurotype 1B.

maybe you can look for a new balance. This is not funny this is the worst habbit you can have

oh man, looking at how it works, I am surprised that somehow I stick, I eat at mcdonald every day and OMAD, which I eat in the evening, and this is how coffee and cigarettes run all day. And surprisingly, I feel good, I go to the gym, train for weightlifting and I do not complain about the lack of progress. Also studies serious law and is fine

been there at 17 years old.

I am much older and, in addition, I have been functioning like that for a long time and I’m fine.
for now😂

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i love the ‘‘for now’’ hahaha

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I wonder what the Thibaudeau trainer thinks about all this, probably grabs his head hearing about the diet based on one meal a day from macdonald with the help of a mixture of coffee and cigarettes, although I heard that Thibaudeau also likes junk food, maybe we will hear him :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

who dont like junk food ? hahaha

I am probably 1B / 2A, it does not matter the COMT enzyme, which I have very fast, so I am very sensitive to adrenaline and dopamine, while using the Christian Thibaudeau method, going on an empty stomach to important events, in particular being on stimulants (coffee, cigarettes), I feel in Especially at the beginning, when I am just flapped, I feel cold, I feel my heart pounding, but when I start to say it, my tension decreases and my tension is great.

on the other hand, when I eat carbohydrates I’m too relaxed, I don’t feel like it, sometimes I was yawning in front of everyone, well, not very well, unless I make several dozen jumps before that.

My question is how to behave, what strategy to choose to get into this peak performance from start to finish, because soon I have important exams ahead of me and I want to do my best.

Well, as I am a big enemy of all supplements, nootropics, and the like, recently, for example, before something important I always felt such a rush of adrenaline, such a burst of norepinephrine ONLY AT THE BEGINNING I was insufficient under pressure (I wrote about it), I became excessively excited that every stimulus was literally raising my heart rate and I was on alert, I always felt this burst of norepinephrine.

I started taking 5g of glycine for the night and I was just so calm and calm, day by day, but I became a bit lazy :frowning:
I have never had a problem with sleep, only some sounds irritated me, so now there may be a party next door and I fall asleep like a baby in the blink of an eye.

what happened here???
By the way, I will say that I am on IF 23/1 on a balanced diet, I use a lot of coffee and cigarettes 3-5 times a day, as long as there is any correlation.



coffee and cigarettes are not supplements, yes, cigarettes are in a way a nootropic, but I smoke and drink coffee because I like the taste of this combination, and I do not take tablets to think better … The question was about the effects of glycine and not pointing to my hypocrisy.

I know that glycine raises serotonin, but since I’m, say, 2A / 1B, it shouldn’t feel too much difference because I have a lot of it naturally.

Was going to quote what @Voxel did, but he beat me to it. Then I found this gem

I’m trying to figure out how you don’t see that your own hypocrisy is likely causing most of your issues. I don’t mean that to be harsh, I mean that as in your introspective abilities are, shall we say 'lacking?

You focusing on something as niche as glycine affecting your energy, while ignoring your overall bodily consumption is like:

  • trying to catch a goldfish but ignoring the 30lb salmon right next to it
  • putting a band aid on your papercut instead of tending to your bullet wound
  • mopping up water in your house when you’ve got no roof

What I’m getting at, is your daily food/caffeine/nicotine intake is going to be your downfall and you’re ignoring it. If you want to stop having weird energy fluxes, maybe stop eating mcdonalds 1x per day? Maybe also spread out your food consumption to be more than 1 hour per day? Science on IF is spotty, if not outright disproving it’s benefits… It works better as a lifestyle than a diet.

Honorable mention: I drink caffeine, a shitload of it actually, but I don’t have trouble sleeping. When I found out did interfere with sleep, I stopped taking it so late.

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