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From Sumo to Conventional


Just curious, has anyone switched from sumo to conventional?

I never really learned conventional. I mean, I kind of understood the general technique, but moved on to sumo almost right away.

I like the fact that if I can break the floor, I've got the lift (lock out no problem).

I hate the fact that if I can't break the floor.. well that's the hardest part.

Just kinda been thinking of switching it up.

Anyone go from primarily sumo to conventional? How'd it go?


I made this switch when I went from lifting in gear to pulling raw. I like conventional a lot more now because it is more of a brute strength lift. One piece of advice is play with your stance. I used to pull with a shoulder width stance and have found that I actually pull a lot better with a closer stance and toes pointed slightly out.

Like anything else that is new, just take your time and work your way up as you get stronger and comfortable with the new form.


I switched from sumo to conventional. The pull seems to be a lot longer for me, but it also seems much faster. You don’t have to flex into the bar as much pulling conventional, and bar positioning is much more lenient. What I mean by that is that there seems to be a much larger groove for the bar to be in pulling conventional versus sumo.



I’ve recently switched over, as well. I’ve noticed the larger groove mentioned, but I’ve also noticed different sticking points. When I pull sumo, if I get it off the floor at all, it goes up. Conventional is much easier to break from the floor, but harder to lock out.