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From Strength Athlete to Endurance Athlete


age: 32

height: 173 cm

weight: 78 kg (morning)

best lifts:

Deadlift: 220 kg (raw)

frontsquat: 170 kg (raw)

squat: 200 kg (raw)

bench 140 kg (raw)

snatch 100 kg (raw)

Clean an jerk 125 kg (raw)


3000 kcal

Carbs 360g

Protien 150g

Fat 100g


Kreatin 5g ed

Multivitamin ( life extension Two-Per-Day

Life extension Ultra Prostate Formula

Life extension Super R-Lipoic Acid

Life extension Glutathione, Cysteine & C

Life extension Lightly Caffeinated Mega Green Tea Extract

Morphogen MorphoBRAIN - Mental Performance Nootropic Complex

Morphogen MorphoCALM - Stress & Hormone Support

Morphogen MorphOMEGA - EFA Matrix & Cardiovascular Support

Morphogen MorphoREM - Total Sleep Enhancement


125mg test c ew

6 UI hgh ed

(plans on adding 200mg eq for 20 weeks in June an 25mg proviron or 200 mg primo what you think?)

training plan:

monday: strength training

Tuesday: boxing and agility training

Wednesday: running training

Thursday: boxing and functional training

friday: boxing and running training

Saturday: stretching

Sunday: off

Monday strength program:

Frontsquat 5 x 5

Goodmorning 4 x 6

Benchpres 5 x 5

One arm dumbell rows 4 x 10

Uprigth Row 4 x 10

Thursday functional training:

Boxjumps 4 x 10

One arm kettlebell snatch 3 x 10

Kettlebell swings 3 x 10

Kettlebell pushpress 3 x 10

Sandbag Shoulder Throw 3 x 10

Chin ups 4 x 10

Ring dips 4 x 10

Are you competing in an endurance sport now or just a change in training?

change training but would like to compete in boxing when I have become good enough