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From Skinny to Not So Skinny


2 years ago, i weighed in at about 68kg (about 150lbs) at 6''1
over the next 2 years i added 24kg of MUSS to my lanky frame to bring my weight up to 92kg (about 202 lbs)


Heres a pic from about a month ago (sorry about the nudity! haha).
It took me about 6 months to actually figure out how to gain weight and what actually worked for me and iv been able steadily gain weight without my bf% going through the roof.

My first goal was to reach 90kg which i have accomplished, my next goal now is to reach 100kg. IM basicly after any critisism/advice/tips. Cheers guys!


UHHHH uncalled for on the second picture bro.

Good progress.

But seriously.. WTF


small enough for one hand?

Us Italians do the same pose using a a baseball mit.

Irish Curse?


Oi its not small il have you know!

Oh and look what i found in your profile!


i want to scratch my eyes out


Good progress.
I suggest you buy yourself some hanes comfort soft boxers.



I gave you a one just for that pic.


well you guys are a barrel of laughs


OP...this is not a softcore gay porn site...


Haha good transformation.

LOL at the homophobes.


for the homophobes


Hahahahaha you should have done that in the first place.

Good progress.


i actually tried to edit my original posts to change the picture but it seems as though you cant! as funny as it seems i would actually like advice not just comments about my nakedess!


advice: put some shorts on. haha


Fucking hilarious.


That's funny as hell. Kudos on originallity




Calves need work (probably) and forearms look to be a bit small compared to your delts and upper arms.
You naturally have some quad-ham separation, but
Otherwise looking solid.