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From One Beginner to Others


i really have not enough experience at all to give out advice to anyone on anything lifting related, but i spent about a month trying to get my slef to feel my lats working and it came out pretty well. i can now foucus on them pretty well with pullups and rows. I figured id post it just to give someone a way to try out.

What did it for me was super setting straight arm pull downs with neutral grip pullups for sets of 10. If i didnt get all the reps in (like when i first started) id get the last reps in with the assisted chin up machine.

i really focused on makign sure the pull downs not only got blood to the area, but actually tired them out a bit. It sucked the reps put of me on pullups but for me it worked best. On the pullups i made sure i went all the way down to a dead hang and started the motion with my shoulders. I kinds shruged at the bottom to start the motion and made sure my lats contracted before i even pulled. generally i didnt go all the way up but met half way, just enough for a peak contraction. i also flexed them for 10sec holds thorugh out the day.

i hope this helps anybody trying to establish a lat connection. Just the way i found worked for me.


Good tips. Thinking of my hands as hooks and focusing on pulling through my elbows always helps me.


shelby also made a good article or spill on the subject recently.

Here it is: http://www.T-Nation.com/strength-training-topics/768


YES. focusing on pulling my elbows down instead of pulling myself up helped tremdonously. As well as wider grip, dead stop, slow pullups