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From on Your Feet Behind a Desk Diet

Hello all. I have followed Testosterone for years and benefitted greatly from the people here and the muscle behind this site. For, I once was a fatty weighing in at 250 lbs. After a year of motivation, I dropped to 165 at age 21. Now I’m 29, 5’11" with a moderate build. My weight has varied from 170-190 over the years, depending on diet and exercise, or lack thereof. Fortunately I worked a physical job during which I was on my feet 9-10 hrs a day, since graduating college in 2005. In fact, I dropped 15 lbs within the first four months on this job. I quit that job last November because it sucked and I found a better one.

But this job keeps me behind a desk 8 hrs/day. I used this career change to recommit myself to fitness and to dropping all this excess fat. And the weight is stubboringly coming off.

Question is, how has anybody handled a transition like this in which you go from 6 years of daily physical activity to the uhMerican dream of the cubicle life?


Lift 3x/week – compounds and supporting muscle
Run 4x/week 15-20 MILES
5 Meals/day
Around 100g carbs, 190 g pro, 1500-1800 kcal

I’d imagine the desk job should not be your primary concern. 1500-1800 calories a day should be your first concern.

How do you eat 5 meals a day and only hit 1500 to 1800 kcal? Does not compute.

I made some of my best gains when I had a desk job. I could totally plan and control my feedings.