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From Now On: Viktor's Fullpower

Hey Guys,

my name is Viktor and i’m from Germany. So please apologize my bad english!

I got inspired by the other training logs and now i want to start my own, i really hope you guys will have fun reading it and maybe give some advices and tipps.

My trainingcareer starts with the age of 15 years… im 26 now…the last 10 years i switched very often, i did many sports for example taekwondo, kickboxing, track running, sprinting, throwing, muay thai, bbj, mma, swimming, table tennis…now i’m on my way to my blackbalt degree in taekwondo. It’s not very challenging. Because of that i got time to train a little bit more and…a lot of harder.

My current stats:
100kg Bodyweight at a heigh of 185cm (do the math :wink: )
Deadlift 180kg with Belt and Hookgrip
Squat 160kg with Belt and Liftingshows
Bench 105kg x 3 without anything
Press 60kg x 6

My Goals are:
Deadlift 200kg
Press 100kg
Bench 140kg

As you can see, i don’t like Squats. Every time i squat i will get injured… Hip/ Groin pain, lower back pain and on and on and on. I know that my technique is bad, but i really gave up and doing FrontSquats from now on. Its okay, because i don’t train to compete in a powerlifting meet. My Front Squat is 105kg x 6.

I want to do a Westside Barbell inspired Programm (I did SS, 531 and Push/Pull the last months)

Its a 3 Days a Week split:

Day One - Lower Body Max Effort
A )Max Effort Lift (Deadlift, Front Squat, …)
B) Single Leg Quad Movement (Stepups, Lunges, Bulgarian Split Squat, …)
C) Glute / Ham Exercise (RDL, Pull-through, GHD, …)
D) Ab Training (Situps, Plank, Sideplank, …)
E) (Farmer Walk, Grip, Stepper etc… depends on power, time and motivation)

Day Two - Upper Body Max Effort
A) Max Effort Lift (Benchpress, Press, Floor Press)
B) Supplemental Lift (same as Main lift, because i want to improve my technique)
C) Rowing (Barbell, Dumbell, Machine)
D1/2) Traps (Dumbell, Barbell, …)+ Band Pull Aparts
E) Curls (Hammer, Alternating, Barbell, Machine…)
F) Ab Training (Situps, Plank, Sideplank, …)

Day Three - Dynamic Effort Day
A) Lower Body Dynamic Lift
B) Upper Body Dynamic Lift
C) Weakness Training (Upper Back, Abs, Grip, Shoulders)

I want to switch the main lifts every 3 to 4 weeks. As i said befor, my goal is more strength and i really hope this program will bring me there.

I wish all of you much fun reading this and i hope you will enjoy it :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany

I think this may interest you

Ignore the skinny part. It’s close to what you’re thinking of.

Ah a Westside inspired Program! Looks very interesting. My only problem is, that i cant hit the gym 4 times a week, so im going with my program the next weeks and if i stall, i will try the Repetition day instreat of my dynamic day :slight_smile:

Yesterday was my first max effort upper body day:

A) Bench Press 105kg x 3
The last rep was akward, but i got it.

B) Bench Press 4 x 10 with 70kg
C) Row Machine 4 x 8-15, 1 x 30+
D) Dumbell Shrugs with a short hold at the top supersetted with Band Pull Apart 3 x 15
E) Hammer Curls 4 x 8-15
F) Situps x 50

The workout felt great, even the technique was not perfect. I’m really looking forward the next training!

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Today was Max Effort lower Body day.

I ramped up to 180kg x 3 with belt and hookgrip.

After that i done the Building part:
Romanian Deadlift 3 x 10 with 100kg hookgrip
Step back lunges with frontrack barbell
3 x 8 with 50kg
Romanian Situps 3 x 10
Suitcase carrys 2 x 100m with 24kg.

The weight is low because most of the exercises i didnt know. I think thats okay.