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From My Test Cycle to TRT


I finished up my first cycle a few weeks ago (all went great!!)
Now I am starting my MD supervised TRT.

My Dr is having me do sub-Q abdominal shots ( 1 shot 200mg Test-C, half CC every week) During my cycle (Basically the one outlined on the newbie guide here) I had very little (if any) injection pain doing, dorsogluteal, but damn! these sub-Q ab shots hurt like hell for 2-3 days, anyone here ever mess with sub-Q? TRT or otherwise?

I guess I can just go back to the glutes, but I was really looking forward to a little break from the cramp-inducing-OMG I don't know if I can hold this pose long enough to aspirate method.


try the ventrogluteal site. Or, try quads. See if either of those help.


there has been a trend in hrt toward sub-q testosterone shots. However i don't think that necesarily means its the best way. Personally i would try 1/4cc (or 5omg) shot twice weekly. You can still use a small pin and go intramuscular into the delt. or other lean area. I am still not convinced that sub-q testosterone is such a great idea. i do know from my own trt that twice weekly shots at 1/2 the prescribed dose makes me feel better than once weekly.


I have seen the thread here about ventrogluteal, I have also found 3-4 diagrams of the area, still scared shitless to shoot there, maybe next time I go to the DR I'll have him show it to me (maybe mark it with a sharpie lol)


The Doc I see in Oceanside is a disciple of Eugene Shippen, who is the author of the Testosterone Syndrome.
Shippen is a huge proponent of sub-Q test injections (TRT) I know like everything there are two sides to it, and I don't know enough to claim anything, but I do know sub-Q in the ab is easy as hell to do, yet occasionally painful as all get out, I have a bulge the size of a silver dollar thats all bruised where my last shot was.