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From Low Carb to Mass Gain

I have been following Thib’s low carb diet for the past 7 weeks. In 3 more weeks I am going to stop it and switch to a mass gaining program.

Can I start with the Carb Cycling immediately? And how many calories should I start with. I don’t want to start gaining fat again.

Should I go 500 over maintenance or gradually add 500 every week to my current calories??

One last thing, what program would you recommend for hypertrophy, 4-5 days a week?

Thank you

you should probably ease ur way into carbs again unless ur wanting a massive weight gain the first couple days. Once ur back on carbs Start with 500 over ur maintenance for the first couple weeks and take measurements so you can see how ur progressing, if ur beginning to gain size and dont notice and fat gains continue to do it at 500, if ur not noticing any gains at all increase it another 250 for couple more weeks and take more notes.