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From Last Year's Model America


I think I DEFINETLY need more size on arms, chest and legs...

I would rate this a 7, no more...(if that even)


and I know how everyone on this site feels about "models" LoL...

height - 6'0
weight - 185


To look like a bodybuilder, yes, you need more mass everywhere.

To pull chicks, you're doing just fine.

But you look kind of frail to be honest.


Agreed... I need to add size to look less frail.... I hate how I lose any muscle mass(of what little I have) I have gained whenever I really cut down... Frustrating...


Try posting your cutting strategy on here. I'm sure some people on this site could give you a few pointers.


I'd guess that's due to a combo of having sub-optimal dieting strategy and not waiting long enough after the new muscle is accquired before going into a caloric deficit.

You should bulk for a year gain 15-20 pounds, depending on how clean you eat. Maintain the same condition for 4 months or so, then cut down. You will succeed if your diet is good.

And don't worry you still wont look like a bodybuilder after the cut.


Ha! I think I recognize you from the SAC at CMU, yeah?

So are you trying to keep model aesthetics or become a mass monster?


Really? He'd do fine in a natural show. Also,Do you have to be heyooge to be a bodybuilder?


You don't have to be huge, but you have to APPEAR Huge, even in natty shows. Hell, I didn't weight much in my recent contest, but in the pics, I APPEAR to be well over 200 lbs.

I think he looks like a runner, or maybe even a cyclist, certainly fit, but not bodybuilder material at all. Not a bad thing though, he certainly looks like he trains somewhat.



you look like a personal trainer who we be all like

yaaaw lets do some hip abduction while you balance a unicycle on your head yaawww


A good natural build, just needs a little extra "heavy lifting".

You have some flaws, but the mains ones I can see even in this shot are underdeveloped back and shoulders.

The shoulders give the appearance of size and strength, by making you look wider.
And the back pushes the shoulders out further to complete the effect.

Even if you want to stay sleek, and model like, having a wider back and wider shoulders will give you a kind of sweeping "X" frame look.

Making your clavicals appear wide (partially because the lats push the out) and making your waist look tighter.

Shoulder to waist ratio is HUGE in attractiveness for men, its the "Hip to waist" ratio of women.

Think Frank Zane. He was "small" by out standards, but with near perfect shape.


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I think you need to work on the legs some too. Keep up the good work OP.


I rolled laughing and posted this on my FB. A tip of the hat to you, sir.


Without question need to give your arms some heavy direct training.. Work your forearms as a supplemental approach to indirectly help your bicep and tricep growth...from the look of them, they're going to limit your arms growth.