From ironbabe to wireybabe (yuk)

Well, I’ve screwed up big time. You guys remember when I was on the fat fast and got really lean and lost too much muscle? Well afterwards I was going to go on massive eating and GVT but an injury two weeks into it stopped me. Then I went on a program called “Massive Cheating” where I put on 15 lbs of non lean mass. Following that I shed the 15 lbs, and am lean again, but I have lost so much muscle from my stupid diet endeavors that I don’t even feel very “body builder” like. Now I’ve got to eat, and eat clean, and put the mass back on, but I’m now officially scared of carbs and I’m going to ease into them slowly. I’ve gone from ironbabe to ironblub to wireybabe. Drastic dieting just doesn’t pay. Can I get a few kicks in the tale for doing things I knew were stupid?

SHAME ON YOU! …There. Did that help? I didn’t think so.

Since you’re in a confessing mood, step into my confessional (I have some practice with this kind of thing, you know). A quip from the wise: Someone once asked an old monk what they did in the monastery all day. “We fall down & get up, fall down & get up, fall down & get up again,” he replied.

OK, so it’s the same in the gym. You fell down. Have a little pity party for yourself, or a good cry, or whatever it takes (you have exactly one hour, so do it up really well), then pick yourself up & get back into it. Be an inspiration to the rest of us. Live up to that gutsy monniker: IRONBABE. Make us proud again. More importantly, make yourself proud. You know you did wrong; learn from it, & get on with it. Just don’t whine, or I’ll ask other people on the forum – people who aren’t nearly as nice as me – to suggest an appropriate penance for you! 'Nuff said.

Ironbabe - I feel for ya!! Get back up on that wagon!!! And once you get there, give me a hand back up too! Ben & Jerry have been my faithful companions lately, and that’s gotta stop! grin you can do it girl!!! (and get your gang stuff done while you’re at it! laugh)

Ironbabe…relax dear…we all fall short and get angry with ourselves…what seperates us from the mere mortals is we DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! So stop being so hard on yourself…after the Vixens surgery…I went on the Massive Eating stress style program…which included White Castle…Micky D’s and CHILI DOGS!!! (GOD I love those things!!) Anyway…that is why we are all here…we all screw up…and thats when we all help out…so…I WANNA SEE IRONBABE IN A TESTOSTERONE BELLY SHIRT…SO SHE BETTER GET HER ASS BACK IN SHAPE!!! How was that? Now go get your redheaded self back in shape so I can slobber on your picture when you take it!! THANK YOU!! grins

Don’t worry about it. Just get back on the saddle. I just came back from a 4-day non-stop beer guzzling fest in Monterrey, Mexico with five of my buddies. We figure it was the last such chance before my friend got married (yeah right. It was just an excuse to get drunk). I ate really shitty only a couple of times a day while filling the rest of the calories with cheap cerveza. I put on a couple of pounds of fat while losing some muscle. Oh well, I’m back to eating clean, so I can sympathize. It was worth it though. I had a blast.

Sorry michelle, I have been getting a new job lately so I’ve been quite busy. I’ll finish the q’s this weekend :slight_smile: .

Well it wasn’t exactly the kick in the tale I wanted, but you are right, I am hard enough on myself for all of you. I am going to get my act together now, but hub is down with a lower back strain. I’m shooting for wednesday to get into full swing since I’ll be playing nurse (fetching vicoden and muscle relaxers etc.) until he’s better. Whopper - the day is coming, lemme get my muscle back, you guys will get a pic. Thanks all

In fitness/bodybuilding there are two
fundamental things that you can do to achieve
success, and if you follow them, you can’t
help but succeed (eventually). 1. Persistence.
2. Experiment and learn. Persistence: if you
keep working at it your body will improve.
It may take patience. It may take faith, but
it will come. Experiment and learn: not every
thing will work for everyone. Everyone has
a learning curve for their own bodies.
Experiment with different protocols until you
find the ones that work best for you. Being
super hard on yourself can be useful if it
motivates you to determined action. But too
often it de-motivates tears people down. Just
use this situation as a learning experience
move on, and get over it. There is nothing
worse than wasting time with pity parties that
hamper your progress now and in the future;
that only exacerbates the problem. Suck it up,
clear your mind and emotions, and go lift!

Ironbabe- Your post here has just given me the kick in the butt I’ve been needing. I did something similar to you and got lean and lost muscle and then with summer bbq’s and such have since put the weight back on as fat. Very Annoying. So reading this has gotten me motivated to get it together. Maybe I can post a pic as well…

IronBabe, ya babe you! Hey, I give ya props for stickin’ with the game and coming back time and again. Yeah, there’s always going to be a “coulda, woulda, shoulda” but don’t sweat it now, and just learn from your experiences–Freebie made some rather valuable comments, by the way.

Just to let you know you’re not alone, when I have “done it up” and strayed from the nutrition plan in the past, believe me, I didn’t and don’t mess around…I literally eat in bed! Anyway, after one of these episodes, I would usually cut back extremely hard on calories for a few days and do an extremely insane amount of cardio. Not the way to go about it for sure. Basically, I just dug a deeper hole! But the panic attacks and days of being pussified are over, and I just jump right back on track and do it up right from here on out. So welcome back, Babe, and let’s do this up, girlie!

Nice work - figures I guess. And its spelt “tail”.

Yeah 'babe! Confession is good for the soul, IF you then let it go. You are forgiven, go and cheat no more (than is planned). Guilt will do you no good, so just pull yourself up by your boot straps and get on with it. We’re all behind you.

Thanks Dre and “its” spelled “it’s” - short for “it is”. :slight_smile: