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From Intermediate to Beginner Again


not new to lifting or to these forums but ill be the first to admit that i neglected legs and my inflexibility when i began, then only did leg press and curl/extension/hack squat variations for legs.

well ive begun to overcome these incompetencies and my laziness and began squatting and deadlifting.

first vid of me squatting 80kgs, second and third, myself sumo deadlifting (one off ground, one off plates). weak lifts considering my 1RM for bench is 112.5 but i plan on bettering this and wasnt going to push my lifts without proper form, cos ive had a neck/back injury before.

any input would be great cheers.


edit: pic to show i actually have trained before (plus i couldnt delete the vid from the 'image' box so decided to change it to a photo anyway :slight_smile:


ok vids, didnt upload, so ill have to create a youtube account and upload them there and then here. sorry.


Squats looked good- You had good depth, you didnt allow your knees to buckle in, and it seemed like you kept the weight in your heels.

Go to the bodybuilding section and take a look at the "Training Legs" Thread for a bit o leg knowledge.


Already have man, love your threads, mind you i hate them at the same time cos when i get home from work at 12am theres 3hrs worth of thread to read and i end up going to be LATE.

For the squat, was just worried bout my butt 'winking', or curling under. Would that be 3 white lights, in a powerlifting meet?


sumo deadlift 60kg


Your depth is good on those squats.


Uhh if your butt be winking at things, you should prolly see a doctor...


sumo deadlift 60kg, second attempt. prob could do 2 plates, but just wanna get this form right before i start.

edit: is it me or are these vids taking agessss to load, they say loaded and then never appear till ten minutes later. weird.


Well, imma implement my vast powers of common sense here (since i know nothing of PL lingo) and assuming 'butt winking' refers to when one's ass dips lower at the bottom of the squat (Ba-dunk-adunk style). Didnt really see that happening. But hey, i could be mistaken, since i was confused with the angle of your video and the shining, angelic light on you.

Also noticed that your other video was turned the Opposite direction. Whats Next Mr. Van Gogh, an inverted video?!


Work on your stance just a bit. I can see your left ankle rolling inward a bit, indicating that your feet aren't pointed in the direction your knees are traveling.

You did come up on your toes on the first four (maybe five) reps. Concentrate more on pushing your hips back and not letting your knees drift so far forward.


On squats i assume. Yeah one thing i wasnt focusing on. Need to start concentrating and and pushing back.

Any ideas for sumos?


I had only seen the first vid when I posted that.

If you're going to pull sumo, get wide with it. You look like you're using too much quad and not enough posterior chain. Put the bar on the floor. At 6' tall, your toes should be under the collars. As a matter of fact, see if your gym has a wider bar (that one looks really narrow for some reason). Also, focus on arching tight. Your lower back looks slightly bowed.


The second vid had plates, so my feet had to go in further. Probably making me fall forward and curve my back

So when i sumo, i should have my legs splayed out as far as i can? I think H4M, nearly touches the plates is that right?? Seems real wide, and what about hand placement? -> I was just holding where the knurling becomes smooth and alternate grip.


H4M is quite a bit shorter than you, too. As far as hand placement, just go shoulder width. That will give you the shortest range of motion.


No way, im not that tall its just that i use super duper big weights that make me look small :wink: im really the same height (4') :wink:

But seriously thanks man, ill post some more in the next week to see how im going. If u could continue monitoring my form, would be cool. Thanks heaps.

Squats: stay on my heels, lean back and try and sit into the groove
Sumo: splay legs wider, shoulder width grip, stay on heels, sit my back


Sure thing.

Oh, and make sure your hips are flexible enough to go that wide comfortably. If not, work on it for a few weeks. Groin pulls are a bitch.


Yeah definitely. Do think its too much to pull sumo twice a week? I know people talk of hip problems from too much sumo? Suggestions. Will definitely work on my flexibility everyday, maybe pulling from plates until i can safely and slowly get lower and lower.


Buttwink is where you lose your arch at the bottom of the squat to try to dip deeper.


Ah. Noted.


It would be wiser to determine what your weak point in the lift is and focus on that for your second day, rather than pulling twice a week. As a matter of fact, pulling every third session (once every week and a half) might not be a bad idea.

That said, if your form needs work (and from what I can see, it needs very little) I would go with one heavy day and one light(er) day to focus on form and get in some higher volume.