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From IM to SubQ, Libido Fell Off

200mg Cypionate + 750ui HCG + .7mg AI per week.

Previously doing IM into glutes twice per week.

I’ve been trying to lower my AI usage as much as possible so I decided to switch to SubQ 3x per week.

I took my 2nd subq injection last night.

I feel ok, but my libido has fallen off a cliff since stopping IM. No more morning wood either. It was raging on IM.

I’m wondering if others have gone through this and have any advice/knowledge. I know the absorption rate is slower in fat vs muscle. Maybe there’s a bit of a lag that’s happening that I just need to wait to catch up? It’s been 3 days since my first subq injection.

Thanks for the help.

SQ isn’t for you, SQ increases estrogen and decreases testosterone is some men.


Damn. I was kind of liking the ease of subq.

Do you think it’s worth sticking out for a bit to see what happens? Or just forget it and switch back to IM?

I feel ok otherwise, maybe a bit anxious.

He hasn’t barely given it anytime.

Yes wait until 1-2 months at least. Libido will come and go regardlsss. There’s no way you can wake up every day and have the same libido. Test doesn’t make us superhuman. He goals healthy.

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True but he should have some action below. Personally if erections were raging on IM, what is broken here?

The HCG and AI are likely the problem, not the delivery method of Test.

If I had a dollar everytime someone dropped HCG and felt better, I could quit my day job.


Absorption is slower and even . With muscular he gets a spike . He needs to let the subq reach a higher dose in the fat and that should start helping. His free t will prob be higher by the time he’s reached a few weeks. If by then he feels worse (not libido) we know it’s bad for him. Until then libido is the last of Trt . Always focus on well being first as an indicator . At least that’s how I see it.

This might sound crazy but what if I do both as I wean myself into subq?

So basically do subq plus a little IM for a week or 2. Each shot I add more subq and less IM

I also just read in another forum that some do a ‘loading dose’ when switching to subq to load up more T into the fat. Maybe I should do 150% of my dosage for a few injections to bring levels up quicker.

you changed the delivery method from IM to SUB Q and the frequency of injections. It will take your body a bit of time to get used to the different administration of hormones. I would give it at least a few weeks and make a decision from there. If you want to get rid of the AI you could do every other day sub q or every day. The lower more frequent low doses will cause less conversation to estrogen, due to less of a spike at once. To my understanding anywas.

Bingo. I switched too and you need a good month for things to re stabilize

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That spike is probably giving him the libido boost/surge. I was on Subq. When to im and got those spikes. Now back to Subq. Still get the libido but not that surge. Am still horny ASF.

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Thanks Guys,

I went ahead and did another injection of just T today to ‘load up’. So I’ve now put 200mg T into my abdominal fat in 4 days. Very minimal AI as well. Maybe an 1/8th of 1mg.

I’m planning on injecting in 2.5 days again as well to keep my schedule.

I feel good otherwise, especially mentally. Things feel a little more ‘even’ I guess you could say.

We’ll see what happens, I really hope subq works out.

Just an update on this for anyone else thinking of going subq.

So far, so good! Man I’ve been feeling great, I better knock on wood. Definitely feel much more ‘even’ and my mood and energy have seemed to increase. Less anxiety and dread about certain things like work. Libido is back and things are all good downstairs again. I think it helped to do an extra loading dosage to bring levels up quicker.

So far I’ve had no need at all for any AI. With IM I could feel symptoms the day after an injection would would have to take some AI.

Injecting is much easier as well. I’m using a 28 gauge 5/16" insulin syringe. Takes about 30 seconds to load my T into it and then I use the same syringe and load my HCG. Then a quick injection into my abdominal fat. Pretty much painless and no need to worry about hitting a nerve or muscle scaring.

Almost a week in now and feeling great. I hope this continues!

Exactly :slight_smile:

Just an update.

It’s been almost 3 weeks now. Feeling great! Less anxiety, much more even feeling. Still on my regular dosage of 200mg wk with 750ui hcg.

Completely off AI!

I think this is probably the best change I’ve made on TRT so far!

Looking forward to seeing my numbers when I test at the 6 wk mark.

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Me too. If IM increases libido, I need to stay away from IM.

I’m almost 8 weeks into EOD IM from daily sub-q and I have to say daily sub-q is by far superior. I only switched just to see and I really wish I wouldn’t have. I’m one of those people that no matter how good something is I want better. I will give it a little more time and then get bloods before switching back (mainly because I’ve never seen anyone show blood levels from IM vs Sub-q at the same dose) but I will likely change back to sub-q.

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I’m on the opposite side of the fence here, switched from once a week 250mg test-e IM to twice a week 62.5mg SUB-Q. So cut the dosage in half and increased injection frequency. So far so good, but its been only few weeks so not much I can tell, but wood is nasty af lmao and the painless injections are very cool. Will do bloods in 6-8 weeks and share in my thread. Be interesting to see your bloods as well. Always learning and always looking for ways to improve.

Best of luck,

Yes i agree in this just by lowering hcg i feel a lot better besides 750 is too much IMO, 0,7 mg adex umm i don’t know i only use 0,08 mg per week on 140 mg of test e per week splitted into 2 shots