Used to love the gym. For the past 5 months I have been struck with an unidentifiable illness which the doctors are labeling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Brain scans also revealed minor contact trauma presumably from a knock to the head when i used to play rugby. Current symptoms include fatigue (especially when exercising) migraines, brain fog, anxiety etc.

Refusing to let this illness beat me. I will get over this and get strong. This won’t be a training log per say but writing this all down helps keep me sane, and it will be interesting to look back when i’m over all this and see how far i’ve come. This is the start of a long and difficult road but i’m gonna see it out.

Going to start with an hour walk per day and some really basic easy core exercises. Bout all i can muster at the moment.

Also will aim to address ankle and shoulder problems that are still nagging me from past injuries. Shoulder also requires surgery but that can wait for the time being.