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From HIT to volume

Okay, here’s the deal. I’ve been training with a HIT based routines for the last few months (before that, I was not really serious in my training). I have been making great gains on the program (like half pound of muscle per week). But I want to see what doing the more typical, higher volume, bodybuilding program will do for me.

My routines have not followed HIT to the letter. So let me explain what I have been doing briefly. Basically, I have been doing 2-3 sets per exercise. The first set is a very light warm-up set. The second (or first on my 2 set exercises) uses medium amounts of weight that are just enough to get my body ready for the heavy set. Then on my last set, I take myself to complete muscular failure. Also, I have been doing 2-4 exercises per bodypart.

Anyhow, I don’t really know much about using higher volume, so could someone please explain what I should be doing for this type of routine? How many sets should I take to failure on an exercise? How many exercises? Any help you guys give me would be much appreciated.