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From Havoc/Furazadrol to Test E + Winny

Hey folks,

I started a cycle of Havoc/Furazadrol around 12 days ago. I now have access to the real deal as I have been assigned to a country where I can get anything I want. Question is: how do I transition from PH to AAS with minimal downside, if at all possible or advisable. Also, I will only be here for 7 weeks.

How can I build a kick-ass cycle for that length of time? My initial inclination was Test E + Winny (my goal is 10 pounds of lean mass) and all the corresponding ancillaries. Any advice, flame, scold, or even insult wrapped with tidbits of knowledge will be greatly appreciated.

There is plenty of short cycle protocols out there. Is there a possibility of you getting the gear outside of wherever you are and doing a full cycle wherever you are headed next? Although the goal of 10lbs is definitely reachable within the 7 week period you have.


Thanks for the prompt reply. Just so that I’m clear, there shouldn’t be any issues arising as a result of the abrupt switch from PH’s to AAS. Is that correct? or should there be some methodology?


No issues switching, just make sure the total cycle length isnt too long, 12 weeks tops for most cycles is a good idea. 8-10 is even better.

AND remember that the PH was methylated, as is winny, so be mindful of total time on methylated steroids and try to stay under 6-7 weeks.

Front load your test, run your AI, make sure your PCT is in order, and away you go.

Yeah, sorry I forgot to throw that in my post. You should be fine switching. I’d look up some different short cycle protocols. I have seen some great gains on these short cycles. Good luck man and keep us posted on what you are doing. We’ll critique the cycle you choose if need be.