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From Groccery Goodies To The Asylum Mindset


Frankly I dont know a lot about food but what I have heard for weight bound fact of the realities of psychotically engineered food and now with the "progressive mindset" of bulk stock food producers who are in the beta stages of cloned meat for mass population consumption is a very sick affair, our culture is head in the sand delusional.

But thats not what I am here to specifically talk discuss about today. As an intermediate guy beginning to lift with a three day a week full body simple structure quite lost and confused but STARTING SOMEWHERE I eventually want to have a clear vision of what I am doing but thats semantics.

What I am talking about is what the $@#! do I do for food? Realistically I HEAR THE VEGETARIANS they are shit scared. But I LOVE TO EAT BIRDS and there is no way in hell that I want to start kidney beans for lunch everyday.

Nothin like tearin a bit a flesh :slightly_smiling:

So what the heck to do in the asylum of humanity to be an sovreign individual eating healthy and tearing & repairing his muscle to shreds. And what the heck is the SCORE with all of the elitism? Is this like The Fourth Reich Training Secret Society TRAINING ROOM???