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From Glute to Abdominal Subq Injection

Hello, I have been on TRT for 6 months. From the beginning until now I have been doing glute injections. I also use the same glute every time because the other side is just too hard for me to do.

I have 27g 1/2 inch syringes. My TRT doc has only ever showed me how to do glute injections. Would it be okay to move to the abdominal area ? It’s getting harder and harder for me to reach back at my glute.

Thanks guys

Yeah shouldn’t be a problem, though I’ve heard some guys don’t feel the same with subq, I’ve never tried it. Also, for your consideration, I use that same size needle and inject in either the thigh or delt,depending on my mood, never had any issues.

Wouldn’t the delt/thigh still be subq with that length needle ?

Nope, shallow IM. I definitely get in the muscle and I’m on the upper side of 300lbs. Might have to hunt around a bit to find a thin spot on the thigh, depending on fat distribution, but I never had an issue.

I inject in the quads and deltoids (29 gauge) because I find it easy to inject at these locations.