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Sorry, I talk too much. I think I tilt my pelvis forward to make up for rounding of my low back under fatigue. I don’t know that it happens until I’m pushing really hard, which I’m not really doing in that deadlift set.

Outer shins are 1-2" inside of the knurling rings. Is that narrow? I used to go damn near toes-to-plates but had no starting power, so went a little narrower.

Honestly this is me and not you, are you saying the front of your pelvis lifts up, or tilts down. forward and back isnt something i can visualise with the pelvis.

I know nothing about sumo deads, so I can’t contribute much there. Squat and bench looked good.

For the press, I’d set the j-hooks at least 1 hole lower, if not a few. Right now, you’re unracking the bar in your hands, which you can get away with when the weight is light, but as it gets heavier, that’s going to get VERY taxing on your and rob you of pressing strength. In addition, it’s a less stable base to press from compared to if the bar is racked across your body.

This isn’t the best angle, but you can see that I have to get low to unrack the bar when I take it out for a press

The added bonus of this approach is that, if you ever decide to get into push pressing, this is a better position to do that from compared to bar in hands.

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It’s on me too man, my bad. Front of pelvis goes down. If you’re looking at me from the left, pelvis rotates counter-clockwise.

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot tomorrow. My elbows get a little cranky going all the way down to deltoid rack at my current grip width, I’ll try widening a bit more and see how it goes.

Gotcha. Well I’e injured myself more often by starting with too much forward tilt than by starting neutral or even slightly the other way. It might feel ‘protective’ by starting with more arch, so that as you fatigue you end up at ‘normal’, but by doing reps with the excessive arch in the first place you are artificially fatiguing your back too early in my opinion. I would just try and start neutral and maintain that as long as you can. All that said In your deadlift video your start looks fine though.

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Starting to think this is the case with myself as well. I definitely do it with conventional so I’m dropping that until I get my shit together. Used to deadlift with a rounded back and would have more trouble with the muscle, but almost none with the structure. With the arch the muscle is OK but I’ve tweaked the structure a lot more. Thanks for your help/insight!

I’m not as strong nor as experienced as the other guys you tagged, so I’ll leave the commenting to them. Sumo looked pretty good to me though!

Yeah I agree with Pwn, for OHP, better to unrack it with the bar resting on your clavicle or somewhere there. Have you tried using the bulldog grip for OHP? Maybe that could help. And don’t forget to squeeze both your butt and abs for OHP.

Ben Pollack has a good video about bracing where he illustrates how your pelvis should look like if you brace your abs correctly. Just not sure if it’s his channel or as a guest on MindPump or something like that. Might wanna check it out. I’m using a tablet so I’m a little lazy to look for it right now lol.

So I tried the bulldog grip for a long time and found that I actually lost stability with it. I may actually be an alien. But it could also be the combo of bulldog/high rack position that made it a failure. I’ll do some messing around with grip/rack position tomorrow and see how it shakes out.

As far as sumo goes, my form has never felt stronger than it does now. I just hope it holds up as I move more weight around. Current best is 496 and some change in a meet…


That can cause the quadratus lumborum to get tight. That will make your back sore.

As for this:

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That’s a good point. Still apply with use of straps and hook grip?

I have heard stories of people tearing biceps with hook grip, I suppose the risk it low but apparently it can still happen. But either way, I wouldn’t superset anything with the competition lifts anyway, focus on the important stuff and do assistance work after.

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I’ll definitely separate them when it comes time to peak. For right now I like the effect it’s had on my work capacity and cardio shape. As for not supersetting curls with DL, I’ll stop that and will focus on upper back/rear delt work on DL day.

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I couldn’t see anything that jumps out, but with the squat video I saw it was from the front so hard to see what’s going on with your back. Often back pain can be linked to glutes not doing their job, or tight hamstrings.

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It’s usually tough for me to get my glutes involved in anything. My low back dominates the entire posterior chain so badly even my hamstrings don’t load up the way they should for squats and deads.

I might swap in RDL’s for DL’s for supplemental in my next leader (likely Leviathan) and see if that helps wake up my glutes and hamstrings more.

As far as the video goes, does a front-side angle work or should I go completely from the side?

Spreadsheet for upcoming Pervertor anchor.

I’d guess that’s the majority of your problem right there. Get your glutes to work.

You pull sumo, but because your glutes aren’t doing much it’s really just a wide stance conventional. More strain on your back that way on top of everything else, you can see in the video your back does most of the work getting the bar moving.

Side angle is best to see what’s going on with your back when squatting.

Try doing glute activation work every day. Stuff like clam shells. Also do core activation work daily, because some of that will carry over to glutes due to the pelvic stabilisation you’ll be doing.

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I appreciate the tag man, but I’m definitely not the person to ask about form or safety. Listen to the accomplished powerlifters above.

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Here dude. Maybe you can pick something up from here

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Thanks, I’ll check it out after work!