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From FAT To FAB!


Anybody know anyone that lost a whole lotta bodyfat by lifting weights?? We all know it's the best way to lose it but I'm looking for people that have actually DONE it!!!!!


i don't know if you would concider it alot...but i used to weigh around 250 lbs about two years ago, went as low as 190, now up to 220+ and way leaner than i was at those 190(goal is to be up to 230 by end of year and go from there)...all through sensible cardio and some hard lifting....


In the past 12 months, I've dropped from 265 to 208 pounds, also through sensible cardio, weightlifting, and improving my eating habits.


Okay yall, I haven't got there yet but I need a lil bit of help from yall on this one, I'm 16, 6'1" I weigh 402, I play football, got good endurance, I bench 220, I'm real strong, but like I wanna drop down to like 300 and in the next year, any ideas, PLEASE HELP!

if yall wanna yall can PM me


If ya'll want to ya'll can read the articles on diet and exercise on this here web site.


Man, it ain't my diet, I'm low carb, low fat, I eat carbs one meal twice a week man, I run like a mile every day, nothing is workin for me, My build is naturally big, my whole family is like that


Dude, 402lbs is not "naturally big". Eating carbs one meal twice a week? Y'all still ain't read anything on this site, huh?


I was just askin yall you know, my dad is an ex bodybuilder, everyone I know bodybuilds and they've won alot so they must know their shit, my uncle weighs like 320 and he's BIG but not fat, like me, it's difficult to explain, I just don't get what yall are sayin


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You need some carbs to reduce fat by lipolysis whether they come from a carbohydrate source or from deamination of protiens. There are a lot of articles that outline good sensable ways to do this while still maintaining a high level of strength and preserving or even gaining lean mass.

They are in the Archives at the top of the screen in red letters. The word that starts with an A and is followed by an R then C combined with H to form a hard K sound, which precede the I,V,E, and S, but you will have to read them. No one is going to spoon feed you this info.
Get it?


They're saying that 402 isn't "naturally big" and that you should spend some time reading about diet and nutrition because of your comment about low carbs. Tell us exactly what you eat so we can see what you are talking about in regards to your diet.


Take some time to read the diet and training articles on this site. Now,if you have questions after that, I wouldn't hesitate to say there are many people on this site that would help. But, you need to help yourself before anyone else can help you.


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I lost 120#,,,Lifting, cardio, and eating better than I ever had in my life I now use CW's TBT,, adding quality muscle to a thinned down frame,, would have been easier not to get fat to begin with.


You can reach Jared at:


if all I'm going to do is get bashed then fuck yall I am not perfect no, I don't have a silver spoon stuck up my ass like some of yall do and you know what if yall just wanna bash me, do it, but if that's all I'm going hear, I won't be back here again.


WHAT ARE YOU EATING!!?? No one is "naturally" 400+ pounds... You need to calorie log your foods and then figure out how much you need to eat to lose fat.

400 pounds at 16 is an early death sentence. Diabetes, heart problems... its all down the road if you don't get your act together.


But on a serious note (sorry for my scathing comment) what you're looking for can be accomplished. It's going to take some hard work and dedication though. Think of it like this though:

Working out will inrease your Resting metabolic rate as your muscles need extra energy to repair themselves.

You will increase your Lean Body mass resulting in an increased metabolism.

As your baseline strength levels go up you will be able to perform more work per exercise session (either through more reps or more weight) which will increase your caloric expenditure through workouts.

Exercise increases growth hormone levels which helps breakdown fat (more than add muscle if I remember correctly)

You will improve your insulin sensitivity profile and even if you ate the same foods you would have a better body composition b/c more nutrients would be shuttled to muscle cells rather than the greedy adipocytes.

Where to start?

I would do a simple program (don't start right off with Waterbury's programs). I'm not quite sure which one I'd reccomend, probably a simple 3x8 routine 2-4x per week. Full-body workouts would probably be more oppurtune for you at this point vs. split body training.

You want to perform long-duration, low intensity cardio. As you become more in-shape gradually transition to high intensity shorter duration training.

Diet....Look up the old T-Dawg Diet. That's a GREAT Place to start.



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