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From Fat to Cut

i wanna turn my fat flabby girly chest into dead sexy man cuts where should i start?

Diet and training.

Read the Are you a Beginner thread and start lifting and eating to support your goal.

Come back with more direct questions after you educate yourself through reasding AND some experience.

Here’s some suggestions you should search out on the site:

T-Dawg Diet 2.0, The Don’t Diet Diet… also, use the Article Library, and look up every article written by the guys named Lonnie Lowery and John Berardi, then read them, that should educate you enough to get your diet in order.

Then, I would suggest you search for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as well as Meltdown Training, and search for “Energy System Work.” At this point you’ll have plenty to read and can start to explore more (this site is huge, you’ll get lost in all the information on it and have a blast doing so, or maybe that’s just me).