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From Fab to Flab... On Purpose!



I really don't know what to think of this guy. I admire him for trying to "walk in his client's shoes", but it's a little too extreme IMO.

Props for him though for even having the balls to go all out extreme. I understand his motivation, but looking at the two pictures compared, I wouldn't let all that hardwork go down the drain. Now he's struggling to lose all that flab and get the model body back. Definitely looking forward on that documentary though.


Admirable. Gotta be tough to throw on 90 lbs so fast when you look like he did.


why is he pushing around such little weight still?





bulk fail?


I am completely unimpressed with how he looked before. Dude was skinny, 6'2" 175lbs is tiny as fuck.

That being said, he is a retard for not pushing heavy weight and actually just "bulking", like was said above.


went from Labuff to Labuff + 90 lbs


He probably stopped training entirely. Maybe he wasn't pushing that much weight to begin with.

I'm surprised at how high of a proportion of the weight went right into his stomach. Visceral fat?


Blatant publicity stunt. Hope it was worth it.


Where did it say he was a powerlifter or strength athlete? He is a personal trainer and underwear model, why does he need to push heavy weight. Plus it's not like the 3 minute expose on him went into detail about his entire training program. Why are some people so intolerant of others lifestyles and goals. Almost every single female within thier late teens to thier early 50's would find him extremely desireable before his change. Really, nobady gives a shit if you can lift heavy weights, if you want to cool, but do it for yourself and stop judging other people who may or may not. I personally have lifted heavy in the past and will probably do so in the fuiture. I do not right now though, does that make me less than you?

Back on topic, I commend him for doing this on purpouse. I think it will give some moderatly obese people a better perspective on how and why they look and feel the way they do. Hopefully he can make a decent impact with this.



Fuck yea, write a best selling book and wham, 1 extra income stream for life.


Couldn't he have just created some sort of poll and talked with more overweight people instead of fucking with his body?

Good intentions, but he really didn't step back and see 'the forest through the trees' on this one...


Um, I didn't say his or your goals were a bad thing. Nor do I give a fuck what women find attractive. I don't lift for pussy. I voiced an opinion to the dude I quoted who was impressed with his build. That is all.

Why is he a retard? Because he is going to lose what little LBM he had before the fat gain when he diets again, so not building more is taking 3 steps back without taking any forward. That is detrimental to his goals. You can tell by the pictures he hasn't built any.


I think his goal was to better understand some of his overweight clients by putting himself in thier shoes. So in that respect, he achieved his goal and is now attempting to get back to where he was before. I can't find much retardation in any of that. To each his own though. I'm glad you thought his previous build was unimpressive, I'm sure many people find yours the same.

Look, there was a backlash against the brad pitt in fight club physique oh about 5-10 years ago. Everyone gets it, some people like the look of a heavily muscled strong dude more than s relatively skinny ripped dude. It's the negative connotation that goes with all this, "I prefer this type of build" shit that is old, annoying and irrelevant to anyone other than the person who is stating it. So while I have no particular problem with you, I do feel you have gotten caught up in this, everyone must train to be huge and strong, midset that has been rampant on this site for many many years. His prior physique took discipline, hard work, and a lot of time, so for you to be "unimpressed" is disrespectful and gives t-nationers a bad name.

Do you find Lance Armstrongs physique unimpressive? I would argue that you don't, because you understand that lance trains harder than you or nearly anyone does, and his body is a reflection of his training and goals. So for the guy who this topic is about, his previous physique is a result of his hard work and dedication, and reflects his goals. That shouldn't be taken lightly or talked down upon. And I don't mean to be combative, it's just when you see people acting like this over and over, sometimes you just feel the need to say something.

I enjoy the majority of your posts so please don't take this too personally, just try to see it from another perspective.



This is stupid for someone to do unless they have the potential of increasing income because of it....which he no doubt will due to the publicity. I have no doubt it will be harder to lose that fat due to no new muscle coming along with it.

Fat people will be impressed. No one who has built their body up for real will be.


I would rather follow Dave Tate's "best shape of my life," logs. This guys an idiot.


I see where you are coming from... An on some levels you are right, I am kind of being a prick to the guy & projecting my opinion on him.

I may be an arrogant asshole, but I can also admit that I'm not always 100% correct. I mean like 96 or 97% but certainly not 100%. :wink: So no, I don't take it personal, plus I like your posts too so I would be a total douche to not at least listen to what you had to say.


Coolio! I respect you even more now, not that you need my respect or anything. And I don't really think there is a right or wrong here, just perceptions. In any even't I just hope a handful of people lose the obese tag because of his publicity stunt and it will be well worth it. If not, Well hell it had to be at the very least fun for him to eat like that for a while. LOL



Are you guys going to touch tips now?


...and here I thought today would be boring.

as far as their debate:
The guy WAS skinny. His physique was not that impressive in the first place but he fucked that up by becoming obese for no reason and building no new muscle to help out his metabolism. There isn't shit anyone can "learn" from that other than how easy it is to fall into a lifestyle that involves eating and sitting on your ass all day.

No, everyone does not have the same goals, but this guy wasn't exactly built like a running back. He was the typical skinny dude you see modeling clothes on runways, the type who only need visible abs and a coat hanger body. It is not wrong to point that out or to not be impressed by it.