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From Duration to HIIT?!

I have been doing duration cardio at a moderate pace for a long time now. I am doing CY’s “Steroid Dieting.” I am on a good 2g of gear per week so muscle wasting is not an issue. I have been walking the treadmill for an hour at a 6% incline 4.5mph. 6 days per week. Right after weight training on WT days and on an empty stomach the other 2 days of the week. Sunday is my off day. It is getting fairly easy and I think it is time to switch to HIIT to challenge myself. My question is how should I switch? In other words how much HIIT must I do to make sure I am burning as much if not more than I have been already doing 6 hours a week at 4.5mph?
Also, I was thinking of combining the two methods. The proiblem is I am in such good shape my body is getting through the duration stuff even at 80% of my MHR pretty easy. (I remember when I started it was tough as hell at 4.0mph and the fat just fell off) This is why I feel I must up the instensity to see more dramatic fat loss. Thanks in advance!

read ct’s running man article.

J-Dub, a combo of the two might very well prove beneficial. In addition to reading Running Man by Christian in this week’s mag, do a search for The Winning Formula by John Berardi. The latter article discusses the hows and whys of both aerobic and anaerobic interval training for fat loss.

Email for an article I wrote regarding going from duration to HIIT cardio.

Hey guys,

I have read the articles. Here is the question though how much HIIT will come close or go above what I am already doing? I am well conditioned and I don’t want to slow things down. Remember, 6 hours of duration cardio at a mod pace is a lot of calories being burned!
I am not sure HIIT will compare-it may better min for min but I want the most calories burned. (Lets face it nobody can do HIIT 6 hours per week.)