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From CT, For Those Interested


Guys, Christiane has had her own website for a while (www.christianelamy-muscle.com) and she even registered up to 9000 unique visits per month.

The site has some free articles and photos.

She just added a member (VIP) section in which there is tons of pictures, with new ones added almost weekly. There will also be training videos and articles by Christiane and I. All of this can be accessed for $9.95 for 2 months.

We're not in this to make money, but to support Christiane's competitive efforts. For example, for the Canadian champs, her expenses over 6 months were close to $12,000! She gives a lot and would like to be able to continue to help others out and promote women bodybuilding.

Here's an example of the pics that are available in the VIP section.


Great picture CT ..(I still can't believe she didn't win her class at her show..her physique is amazing..anyway sorry ..had to get that out). I was curious ,who is the photographer that took that pic?


Gene X Whang. His work has been featured before in some "Powerful images". Gene sent us 131 pics, Steve Wennerstrom also took close to a hundred shots, Gary Bartlett and Yves Desbiens took pictures from the show and Simon Lau took several pics too.


CT, you are a lucky man!!!

Christiane looks great!!!


Yes, she is quite at ease in front of the camera. Thanks for your good words!