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From Crossfit to Powerbuilding-ish

I know I don’t have many posts, so hopefully that isn’t a point for unprovoked flaming. Curious to see where my strong points are and what I should work on.
Began strength training about 2.5 years ago, switched to crossfit a year and a half ago to throw some variety into the mix. I feel like it helped me a lot with skill development and basic kinesthetic awareness, but the competitive side of it burned me out.

Now I’ve gotten back into the Bodybuilding/Powerlifting training regimen (Currently following 5/3/1 BBB with assistance skewed towards hypertrophy) to see how far I can get before I burn myself out.

Current diet: Approx 3000-4500 calories a day. Typical college kid diet - pizza, burgers, meat meat meat, nuts and fruits whenever I get a hold of them.

Current lifts:
505 dead
420 back squat
355 front squat
290 bench
190 overhead press

Current bodyweight - Between 205-209 depending on water weight.

front double bi

back double bi

poor attempt at a MM

front relaxed

crappy attempt at lat spread

lastly, side chest

I think you look great! What’s your height and age?

Good progress. Plus you get points cuz your avi is Wittgenstein. Are you planning on competing or just getting bigger?

Thanks for the replies. I’m 6’0, 19 years old currently. I’m just trying to get bigger right now and see where I can go.

Haha, and thanks for noticing the Wittgenstein avatar. I’m a philosophy/pre-law student at the moment.