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From Check Front Squat and Deadlift

Compilation of todays training. My view… weak upper back.
Biggest problem for me is my squat setup… once the weight gets heavy my feet end up in different positions.

Hard to comment on your front squat form from that angle but I will comment on your DL
On your sumo you aren’t using your hips or leg drive correctly. You need to get your hips in to the bar more, horizontally. Get your knees out more, squat down to the bar remaining in a tight position in your lats, while bracing to get to the bar.

Whenever I squat down I feel like I’m losing tremendous leverage… I’m not sure what the issue is. I’ll have to record from the front sometime

As far as I can tell, front squats looked fine. 335ish is simply your threshold, shit gets funky when you are lifting at 90+%. That is normal.