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From Brad Pitt to Vin Diesel

Like I mentioned before, I just lost 20 pouunds of muscle and am now a pathetic 165 at 6’2". I always have abs, no matter what, so now I look like one those lanky underwear models. It hurts my hand for me to do any sort of pressing movement so right now I’m just trying to condition my hand back to the rigors of training. I broke it pretty good. As far as Training, this is my plan:

Day one, upper body starting with a pressing movement one day, a pulling movement the next. Day two, Lower body starting with a quad dominant movement one day, a hip dominant movement the next. The routine will be performed Tu,Th,Sat. Nutrition will be 8 meals a day Starting with 1 g of protein per pound of bw and systematically increasing it to 2 g per pound. Weigh in will be once a week at the same time.

BTW back in '99 when I was 25, I went from 150 to 175 in 6 months and that was with not keeping any sort of workout or diet journal. That’s why I figure, if I do keep meticluous records I can pull off this “50 pounds in one year” program. All of your input is greatly appreciated.