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From Bonsai to Bamboo

Just thought I’d pass this along: I replaced my bicep finisher yesterday with the “crippled” incline DB curls suggested in TC’s old bicep article (reprint in this week’s online issue). I really felt a NEW kind of stretch while doing the movement. Likewise, I new I would sore. I was not disappointed. Let’s just say I dread washing my face. Also, this is NOT a good finisher. It’s really a tough contraction, so I would suggest (and will myself) placing it early in one’s workout. Anyone else have anything to add about this article? Really enjoyed it TC.

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I have nothing to add from personal experience (yet) but I think that was one of the best articles I have read in a long time. I have long ass arms like a monkey so that’s my weak point. Definitley with the variety of the exercises mentioned, I look forward to trying them out. It will be nice to shock the bis into new things.

How bout this? Weird exercise that TC and Shugs missed in their series. I liken it to a preacher chin up. You put two bars together in a power rack, one about a foot lower than the pull up bar to support the forearms. Wrap a towel around the lower bar, and making a wide arc, do a close grip pull up. The pressure on the lower bar for the most part takes the lats out of the movement, so the emphasis is on the bi’s with bodyweight (or possibly more) Just be sure to adequately pad the lower bar, or else u wont be a happy camper. Try banging out a few reps, see watcha think…