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From BodyBuilding to Power Lifting


Iv'e been lifting or some might call it "body building" for about 6 years, I had 3 months off due to an injury and when i started lifting again I started with 5x5 and I just found out how much I like doing big compound lifts and hitting parts more than once a week.

I eventually stopped gaining with it and was wondering where I should move to next, additionally I didn't like the way deadlifts were set up at the end of wednsdays workout and only done once a week. Where should I go next?

Here is a pic from end of 5x5 before summer (which I kind of fell out off, still worked out but did high volume (including curls, ugh) that I got from a friend)

Anyway, I really want to step up my strength this next year and I think I got a decent base to start. Thanks!




All the article here as well by Dave Tate and louie Simmons and Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey.



You might not be able to tell in the picture but I'm 212lbs...

I ended 5x5 before summer with

Squat: 385x3
DL: 400 x 3
Bench: 325x3

they are obviously lower than that I lived at home all summer far from the gym : /

Anyway, do you still suggest WS4SB? I am not exactly a skinny bastard, lol

more pics:


No one mentioned WS4SB, I said check out Westside at www.elitefts.com and read the articles....... Maybe buy some of the templates..... Try that kind of training out. There is more to Westside than WS4SB A LOT MORE. Do some research and read a bunch of articles.

BTW You don't have to be a skinny bastard to do WS4SB..... Its just a name.

Like Phill said read all the articles by Dave Tate, Louie Simmons, etc.....