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From BMX to Bodybuilding


Hey all, long time lurker for T-Nation just wanted to post my updated progress pics. Just got off a 16 week cut down to 145, hoping to compete in the lightweights in my next bodybuilding show. I used to be a bmx rider but I changed to bodybuilding because it seemed easier and more fun. Here�s my split: (made up myself)

Monday: Chest Traps/cardio
Tuesday: Biceps, Back, Calves/cardio
Wednesday: Legs (quads, hams)
Thursday: Delts/Biceps/triceps/abs/cardio
Friday: Cardio
Saturday Cardio/abs/traps
Sunday: Off

I eat a very healthy low-fat diet. I try to stay under 23 grams of fat a day. I stay away from bad foods like macdonalds, but I still enjoy drinking with my friends on the weekends, but I don�t have too much only 4-7 drinks. Here�s my typical diet (since it seems everyone on RMP post theirs)

8 am: I scoop of soy protein powder mixed with fat free milk, blue berries, and a banana
1 pm: Chicken Nuggets from my school with ranch and pasta.
2: Pm: Bagel with cream cheese from my school
7Pm : Bag of low fat cookies plus protein shake

and depending if I�m still hungry I eat another shake at 11.




Low fat isnt healthy.


interesting to see your idea of a "very healthy diet". Need to work on that big time. And like Westclock says, low fat is not the way to go.

Soy protein? Come on man, get some whey.

Time to bump the cals up.


Yes it is diets high in fat and cholesterol are contributors of heart disease and fat gain.


Are you serious?


"next" bodybuilding show lol.

you look like you would struggle to do 10 pushups.


In case you didn't know, there are several types of fats. Some can raise the risk of heart disease, others can lower it, and provide many other benefits.

You know what a diet low in fat does? It lowers your testosterone, and that's not good.

Time to do some research.


Sick Abz, what kind of Ab training do you do?


he doesnt do any ab training.

he doesnt do any training at all.

he doesnt eat anything either.

thats why he looks like shit.


somehow i doubt it.


Actually fat has almost no insulin response, if anything it retards insulin response.

Meaning that fat isn't likely to make you fat besides the fact that it has more calories per gram than other sources.

Its also critical in maintaining normal testosterone production, as testosterone is made from fats.

A diet high in SATURATED fat isn't great for you, but fat in general is necessary and healthy.

Simply looking at your pictures, your weight, and your diet its obvious you have absolutely no idea what your doing and have no business posting in this area of the board.

Your eating one solid meal a day from a school cafeteria, processed low quality meat on a plastic lunch tray.

Its so ridiculous its pathetic.


long time lurker my ass


lol I just saw this part. So you have competed already? O rly? How'd you do?


This is obviously a troll. He stays away from "bad" foods like McDonalds but eats chicken nuggets with ranch and pasta?


This is apalling


Man, back in the day I loved BMX racing. Was thinking about getting back into a few yrs. ago at 27 but decided hell no after I picked up some magazinee & saw how everyone was getting injured! Racing is FUN. Now at 32 I doubt I ever will...sucks. I do like mountain biking, but here in Fl there's ZERO hills, alot of man made stuff which is cool. Decline has a RAD mag out & I'm always checkin it out.

ANYWAYS, clean up that eating & get your ass in the gym! INTENSITY! GET BIG!

And I use to race in St. Pete, Fl. And you?


Also, check out ACTrain on here in his pic section. Now that's a build you should try to attain! That dude lifts!


BMX you are an unlearned fool, find the nearest cliff, and ride your bike off it.


Not a very good troll at all.

Some people have it and some people don't.

Trolling is just as much of an art as bodybuilding is.

There should be two rating options; one to rate a troll's prowess/skills and another for physique rating